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NeuroChange: 90-Days to More Passion, More Productivity, and More Personal Power

How Would You Like to Breakthrough the Barriers that Are Keeping You Stuck and Discover How to Become Your Own Best Friend?

Lack of Time.

These are common problems of our times and somehow working from home, and the disruption of our habitual operating patterns hasn’t helped us solve them. As I talk to people around the world, at various stages of life, in different industries and income levels, there’s a growing sense of dissatisfaction… And a growing sense that the habits and thinking that have got you where you are today, won’t suffice to take you to the next level.

Does that sound familiar?

NeuroChange is a Breakthrough Group Designed to Create Momentum

Let me tell you about Sam, one of my clients who was feeling restless and dissatisfied and couldn’t quite identify the problem.

On the surface, Sam didn’t really have any major problems and he didn’t even feel as though the Pandemic uncertainty had affected him significantly, but he knew he wasn’t feeling as much enthusiasm or interest as he used to. When we talked about his options for working with me, I could tell that he was feeling as though he was making a storm in a teacup… After all, he knew plenty of people who were truly suffering, and he was just feeling.  A bit unsettled.

We decided that NeuroChange would be a worthwhile investment of his time and money and while he waited for the next group course to start he watched the training videos in the online portal.

As he engaged with material, did the work, and then participated in the group discussions he told me that he truly felt as though he was coming alive again. On the outside, not much changed… A few habits, some new disciplines, but inside he experienced the rebirth of passion for his work and relationships, he found a sense of purpose that kept him focused on the productive work that drove his results forward, and he noticed that people listened to his opinions and followed his recommendations. It’s now several months since Sam finished NeuroChange and during that time his momentum has gained speed and his personal satisfaction and engagement have also grown.

What is NeuroChange: 90-Days to More Passion, More Productivity, and More Personal Power?

This is a 90-day online breakthrough course taught by Chandell Labbozzetta. Unlike many online courses it has a start and end date and during the 90 days when the course is live you’ll have privileged access to Chandell in live group sessions, Q&A, and 2 private calls.

Once you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to the core materials on your computer or mobile phone (which you can refer back to for years to come) including worksheets and training, and prior to the live start date you’ll also get an on-boarding call with Chandell herself to clarify your primary and secondary goals for the 90-days and to enable Chandell to ensure that the live weekly training calls are directed at the specific needs of group members.

You’ll also get the benefit of hearing her work with your carefully-curated group members and hearing them describe their problems and work through solutions with Chandell will often answer your own questions about motivation, procrastination, habit-formation, breaking barriers, releasing negative emotions and past trauma, and much more.

Interested in NeuroChange: 90-Days to More Passion, More Productivity, and More Personal Power?
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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Neuroplasticity has been overwhelmingly demonstrated and measured in laboratories and in everyday life. That means that if you want to change the way you think, the way you respond to stress, the way you learn… Or anything else… You can. It truly is that simple. All you need is the tools and some structure.

Yes. As the program title suggests, the 90-day NeuroChange program will help you find More Passion, More Productivity, and More Personal Power without upending your life and trekking off to an Ashram in India.

If there are, I’ve never heard of them. NeuroChange is the fruit of Chandell’s years of coaching and training and draws on her experience of what really makes change happen and what it takes to get that change to stick.

This is not ‘spill-your-guts’ therapy. Because of the way NeuroChange and the techniques I use work, you are free to share your personal experiences and overwhelming emotions or not. As you’ll discover, the nature of this work builds self-awareness in a way that gives you increasing level of personal control over your growth and development.

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