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Sales and Business Development Coaching for Lawyers

As a trained lawyer, you are highly intelligent, have an eye for detail, and excellent communication skills, but do your sales skills match your other qualifications?
Often the answer is, “Not really.”

And the reality is that your ability to attract new business and more work from existing clients affects your ability to move up the partner track or make your own practice sustainable.

So… What happens when you’re ambitious, highly-skilled, but need to enhance your ability to sell congruently and subtly?

Well, the answer is you speak to Chandell Labbozzetta at Life Puzzle.

Chandell delivers lead generation and sales training for lawyers that is effective, results-driven, and completely congruent with your personality and professional appearance. The truth is that there is increasing demand for lawyer business development coaches, but mostly what they need is a congruent course of sales training for lawyers that helps them to see themselves and their clients through new eyes and communicate the value they bring.

Sales and Business Development Coaching for Conservative Professionals

Accountants, Financial Planners, Veterinarians, and other conservative professions (like Lawyers) are usually extremely competent, but struggle to identify what sets them apart from their competitors and they often hate sales.

In fact, since for all these professions, the pain of client disconnect is high, the focus tends to be on doing the work well, rather than continuing to ‘sell’ the service they are delivering.

Once upon a time, that was extremely effective and work passed seamlessly from generation to generation but, in today’s mobile and connected society it’s no longer a sustainable way to maintain or grow your practice.

At Life Puzzle, we’re passionate about sales training as a core element of your business development coaching program, and we help you shift your attitude to sales from “Ick!” to “Sales skills help me offer better outcomes to everyone I talk to.”

Frequently asked questions

The short answer is, “Yes.” Everyone needs to be constantly working on their sales skills so that they can promote themselves and their ideas more effectively. Lawyers, in general, communicate most effectively with people who share their ways of thinking and dealing with the world, our sales training broadens their pool of potential clients (very important for lawyers who are on the partner-track) by helping them connect with a wider variety of personalities and communication styles.

I do not provide your classic business development coaching for lawyers or any other industry because that is rarely what they need. However, many law firms and ambitious lawyers find that the sales training I provide helps them bring in new clients easily and effortlessly.

I might be. It really depends on what problem you are trying to solve. In my experience delivering sales training for lawyers, many of them don’t need a business coach – that side of thing is largely pre-determined. Instead, they need help with lead generation, offering more services to existing legal clients, and refining their elevator pitch so that prospective clients can quickly determine what sets them apart from their competitors.

No. I’m a sales and lead generation coach not a classic business coach so the first question you need to ask yourself is: what is the core problem you are looking for a business coach to solve? Many of my legal clients have been referred to me by their business coach because what they really need isn’t business coaching at all – it’s sales coaching for themselves and their team.

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