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Classes & Short Courses

Sales Training & Accountability Coaching

We're all in Sales and some people do this better than others. Learn how to increase your closing ratio and start working Smarter NOT Harder

NLP Training & Certification

NLP is a very powerful tool that puts us in control of our personal and business lives and it has transformed the lives of most people who learn and apply it.

Business Development

Your business coach brings their own business and coaching experience as well as a commitment to your best interests and and emotional detachment.

Personal Development

Break Through Barriers to Success and Build on your Excellence. We guarantee all our One on One Breakthrough Work our H.O.W.T.O Coaching Method© ensures you get results!

NLP Model Of Communication

Are you feeling ‘stuck’ in your existing circumstances? Is life rushing by and leaving you behind?
Did you know that you possess the resources right now to change all that?
In this short video Chandell and Teresa share some of the key factors that hold you back from taking control of your life, and how you can initiate change without relying on your willpower (fluctuating) or other people – because you hold the key to your outcomes!
Life Puzzle offers private coaching and group training classes to help build your business, close more sales, create the life you’ve always wanted, and learn NLP.