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IT and Software Services Sales Training

What happens when your sales team does a great job delivering leads and closing sales and then the project is handed over to the software development team?

Typically, software development engineers are highly skilled at their job, but not expert at sales or customer retention.

So, often that transition… And the subsequent customer interactions damage your relationship with the client which not only makes it difficult to service their account, but also means they are likely to look favourably on your competitors when it comes time to renew the contract.

Our approach to NLP sales training is helpful for your IT development team and IT engineers as well as your sales team and can make the work of on-boarding and servicing new clients seamless.

Our clients have found when you take your entire team of customer-facing professionals through our specially-designed NLP sales training for IT and software service companies, not only does your sales team close more sales, but every interaction with your IT specialists and software engineers reinforces your customers buying decision.

Today, your clients are more intolerant than ever when it comes to friction on your side of the delivery process, so anything you can do to smooth the pathway from purchase to installation will make it easier to close future sales and retain your customers.

IT and Software Services Lead Generation

The easiest lead generation and customers to make sales to are those you already have. IT and Software service companies frequently only keep their clients because the pain of disconnect is greater than the pain of actually working with them.

We help our clients reinforce their relationships with clients – often to the point where clients become the unpaid sales force that sing your praises when their colleagues are complaining about their own IT and Software service providers.

In some industries, it’s hard to build a reputation for being truly customer service oriented, but because everyone, including the engineers and technicians in our client-companies have undergone our NLP Sales Training for IT and Software Service firms, their clients generally enjoy working with them and spread the word.

A Word About IT and Software Services Sales Training

Software teams and development engineers are smart people. Our IT and Software Services sales training acknowledges that and focuses on enhancing their communication and translation skills by providing them with the tools and awareness to effectively talk to clients and also to hear their concerns.

Frequently asked questions

Sales skills play an important role in helping IT services and software development businesses close their valuable high-ticket clients by enabling them to put technical specialists face-to-face with clients and alleviate any lingering concerns about your ability to provide the promised services.

We’ve heard so many stories about the importance of making sure that customers receive the communication they crave from their IT service providers or software developers that we firmly believe that providing all IT & software service staff with sales training is the most effective and economical form of lead generation you can use.

If you consider that the role of an IT service provider or software engineer is to make it easy for the less-technically inclined to get their work done, you’ll realise just how important it is to provide your technical staff with world-class quality sales training and elevate their communication skills so they can effectively listen to customer concerns and respond clearly to their challenges.

At some stage in the client delivery journey your IT technical specialists and software engineers will need to talk to the clients. This is the point where many relationships between client and service provider go awry, but some basic sales training and communication skills development can make these interactions a point of difference between you and your competition.

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