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Supply Chain Management and Logistics Sales Training

Supply chain management and logistics drive our society, but does your logistics company know how to sell its services effectively and profitably so that prospective and existing customers recognise the value you deliver?

In today’s world, timely and efficient logistics is critical to the ongoing success and reputation of every business, yet many companies still think that this crucial element should be entrusted to the lowest-price supplier.

Life Puzzle delivers logistics sales training for some of Australia’s largest and most profitable logistics and supply chain management companies so that they can continue to grow and develop their customer base.

With increasing tensions around transport availability and timeliness, your customers’ reputation is dependent on their ability to manage these logistics and supply chain issues, and you have a tremendous opportunity to stand out and ensure that your sales team is closing new clients and convincing existing ones that this is a critical area of investment.

Our logistics sales training will help your team continue to deliver profitable sales results so that you can deliver on your promises.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics Lead Generation

Selling your supply chain management and logistics services to existing customers, or to those who are already considering hiring you is one thing, but how do you manage your lead generation efforts?

Our logistics lead generation programs help you discover new customers, reactivate past customers, and get more referrals. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t take some work, but I can also tell you that our sales and lead generation programs deliver the results you need to grow your business and make your company expert at lead generation.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we do, and long-term clients have told us that the sales training their staff receive from us, along with regular refresher courses have ensured that their clients don’t succumb to offers from predatory competitors who only compete on price.

Most people underestimate the role that sales training plays in customer retention and lead generation. When your sales team is well-trained, they help clients and customers ask their supply chain management liaison people the right questions. When everyone in your company has some sales training they can respond in a way that not only generates great reviews, but also creates future referrals.

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