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Sales Support and Training for Improved Results

If sales are the primary engine driving your business and career, then it makes sense to invest in continually developing your sales skills through training for your own success, as well as to achieve sales targets and business outcomes. If you want to boost your sales and make your business more profitable, check out our sales training.

Many sales training programs focus on ‘sales tools’ and ‘sales techniques’ and even ‘sales scripts’. These can be helpful in specific situations, but they do not capitalise on your unique skills or provide you with the flexibility and genuine sales skills that turn closing sales from a chore into a pleasure, nor do they focus on delivering measurable results and outcomes (calls made, appointments set, sales closed, dollars in the bank etc.).

At LifePuzzle we take a different approach because we believe in equipping you with the confidence and skills that will transfer to any sales situation. You might even say that our goal is to help you discover the perfect sales process for your personality and turn you into a perfectly congruent sales super-star.

In all our sales training programs we focus on measuring your growth in metrics that you control so that you:

  1. See your progress;
  2. Take responsibility for your outcomes (income or sales targets); and
  3. Implement proven strategies to improve sales growth.

Why Your Mind Matters… Especially for Sales

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

Unless we work on your psychology of sales and deal with your emotional and mental resistance to the idea, any ‘sales skills’ or ‘sales techniques’ will feel uncomfortable and you will quickly abandon them – and will be the end of all the strategies to improve sales growth that you planned.

That’s why even our short workshops and courses include essential work designed to shift your perceptions and beliefs around what sales really is… and who can be an effective sales person. Going ‘deep’ in this way enables our clients to discover the power of sales skills to transform almost every area of their lives as well as the thrill of actually closing sales.

Congruent Sales Strategy and the Psychology of Selling

What do I mean when I talk about ‘Congruent Sales Strategy’?

I’m talking about a Sales Strategy and Process that is a reflection of your personality, style, and core beliefs… it’s congruent with who you are, your individual psychology, as well as your strategies to improve sales growth.

One of the downfalls of most sales trainings is that they are presented as a one-size-fits-all approach and any customisation is up to the trainee. The problem with this approach is that if you struggle with closing sales in the first place, then you are likely to change key parts of the sales process – the ones that deliver results – and further undermine your confidence and self-belief in your ability to close sales.


When you develop a Congruent Sales Strategy – one that is based on principles and your own personality – the psychology of selling works in your favour and makes closing sales far easier and more satisfying.

The psychology of selling tells us that when the person who is doing the selling is uncomfortable (for any reason, even if it is unrelated to the sale) the buyer demonstrates resistance, whereas when the seller is comfortable, the buyer relaxes and is more likely to make a positive choice.

You may have experienced this yourself as a buyer when you walked into a shop or inspected a car with the intention of buying, but found yourself uncomfortable and decided to walk away after all. You were picking up on some unspoken projection from the sales representative.

THAT is the reason why we have developed our Principle + Personality approach to sales training that helps you understand both sides of the psychology of selling and to ensure that you feel comfortable with selling your ideas, skills, products, services, and choices.

You might just be a few strategies, tactics and tools away from creating the success and impact you have been dreaming about.

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Sales Presentation Skills and Training

Once you understand your own style of selling and the principles that must be followed, it’s time to work on your sales presentation skills.

In many ways, every sales conversation is also a sales presentation so it’s important to understand the elements that you must include if you want to close more sales and the order in which those elements should be presented.

Using the framework consistently, our clients experience dramatic improvement in their outcomes. In fact, most people quickly discover that their inconsistent or disappointing sales outcomes can be directly linked to ignoring this framework.

I call this a Sales Presentation Skills Framework rather than a Sales Presentation Template deliberately. You see, my goal is to empower you and your sales team to think like a successful sales presentation expert not merely to act like one. A template pushes you into a box, while a framework asks you climb a ladder: to develop your sales skills and make them part of an even more successful version of yourself as well as an integral part of strategies to improve sales growth.

Closing Sales

The #1 reason that people are disappointed with their sales results is their own failure to ask for and close the sale.

I get a lot of pushback on this from sales teams who try to tell me about problems in the economy, crappy leads, and other excuses so from time-to-time I make a point of recording their calls (much easier in today’s world of virtual meetings) just so I can prove that there are only two main reasons why sales don’t close when you are talking to qualified prospects:

       1. The product or service doesn’t meet a need for that person at that time;
       2. The sales person didn’t ask for the sale.

If you have the right sales mindset, your prospect has a compelling need, and your sales presentation demonstrates your ability to meet that need, then the only thing preventing you from closing sales is your ability to ask for the sale at the right time and in the right way.

We work on this aspect in all our sales training courses, and in our small group and in-house trainings we help you personalise a system of closing sales so that it is completely congruent with your personality, product, and prospects.

Strategies to Improve Sales Growth

The most effective tactics for improving sales growth in one situation may be ineffective in a different situation. Tactics are good servants when they are implemented as part of a well-considered strategy. This is true in any context and it is especially true when it comes to sales.

If you are looking for strategies to improve your sales growth then the first thing to understand is that you can’t just borrow someone else’s strategy and assume it will work in your context.

The most effective strategies to improve sales growth take into account your specific:

When you consider these four areas carefully you can quickly build or adopt an extremely effective strategy that will improve sales growth and profitability. Once your strategy is in place, you are ready to invest in the tactics and resources required to execute (and scale) your sales growth plan.

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Frequently asked questions

Maybe you shouldn’t choose me. But here’s why people do: They are looking for a results-based sales training that also develops their personal sales skills rather than a simple set of scripts and tactics.

The biggest mistake most people make when closing sales is to set everything up for a sale and then fail to ask for it. A closely related mistake is asking in the wrong way. I teach you how to ask for the sale with confidence so that your prospect can see that they have a decision to make and h

All of our group courses include comprehensive modules on preparing your sales presentation for 1:1, group, and even selling from stage. In addition, I work with a small number of private clients individually to prepare their sales presentation, teach them how to build their own, and develop their personal sales presentation skills.

I won’t merely show you how to improve company sales, I’ll give you the tools and action plan to do so. I can confidently say that no one who has taken my sales training course and actually done the work has failed to see a substantial increase in both the number of sales closed and the dollar value of their sales.

Yes. All of our sales trainings are set within the framework of improving sales growth and using that as the engine for business development. The most potent strategies to improve sales growth involve developing the skills of each member of your sales team and providing them with an effective sales support structure.

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