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Custom In-House Sales Training

The Benefits of In-House Sales Training

Our Custom In-House Sales Training Programs are designed for businesses who want to take their sales results to the next level and need some expert help in effecting this challenging task.

Many sales training programs (including our own) teach transferable sales skills that are applicable in any industry. A business that is on a strong growth trajectory may be better served with training that is highly specific to their own products, services, and ideal clients. For these clients our Custom In-House Sales trainings are ideal because they are highly focused and ensure that your sales team’s creative energies can all be tuned to methods of enhancing sales, increasing the value of every sale, and the lifetime value of each one of your customers.

Custom Sales Training Program and Sales System-Development

Some of our clients call us in after hiring a Sales Manager who is a strong motivational manager, yet lacks the skills to develop and document systems that will facilitate the expansion of your sales team.

I am often called in in this capacity to support an existing sales manager by developing such systems while simultaneously providing training on how to maximise the impact of such materials to the team as a whole. Although, these systems are better developed prior to hiring a long-term sales manager (which is the focus of our Outsourced Sales Manager Program), this is not always possible and can be one of the outcomes of a custom in-house sales training program.

Because this sales training program is fully customised to meet the needs of your existing and future team and is a hands-on capacity building accelerator we can only offer this to a limited number of clients at any one time.

Please contact my team and request to be put on our Waiting List for this program.
You will be advised when a spot opens up and invited to apply. The first qualified applicant to complete their application when there is an opening will be given the priority

Frequently asked questions

There are many reasons to choose a custom in-house sales training program rather than a more generic commercial one, especially if your business is growing rapidly and you are still developing your company brand, values, and products. By training your entire sales team alongside any customer-facing members of your staff you can develop a deep understanding of the value your products or services deliver as well as a coherent way of talking about that value.

That depends on the needs of the customer, but typically I start with a 90-day program. This is long enough to deliver exciting results and address the primary issues people face, and short enough to fit in with other training or professional development initiatives that you need. Some of my clients choose to progress to a longer-term contract after the initial jump-start, but that depends on my availability.

Your business is unique, even though it has many of the same component parts as other businesses. Just as your accounting system and marketing strategy are based on fixed principles, yet customised to fit your particular needs, so your sales system should be customised to fit the needs of your sales team, sales manager, and clients.

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