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Why Selling is the #1 Life Skill... And Why I believe that ANYONE Can Master it with Our Confidence-Building Sales Training Program!

When you think about ‘Sales’ what is your reaction?

Maybe you are one of the people who feels that selling is ‘unprofessional’ and the very word conjures up an image of someone whose goal is to push people into making poor decisions for their own profit so you avoid and type of sales conversations and wait for people to buy;

Maybe you think of sales as a necessary evil that must be endured for the sake of your lifestyle, but not as a skill that has intrinsic value and can add joy, purpose, and profit to both parties in the sales;

Or maybe the idea of closing sales and asking effective sales questions makes your eyes light up, leaves you energised and inspired and confident that you are going to have fun and your prospects are going to realise their ambitions through your work…

Ready Set Sell, is referred to as our entry level sales training program and is designed to help you discover and overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving sales success.

Sales Conversations Permeate Every Part of Life

Think of that last encounter you had with someone who inspired you to move out of your comfort zone and take action. You followed their advice and the results far exceeded anything you anticipated.

What about the last time you presented an idea that you were sure could catapult your company ahead of your competitors? You had done the research and were convinced, but your colleagues were not ‘sold’ on the idea… And now someone else has implemented it ahead of you and they are reaping the benefits of being first taxi off the rank.

You are selling when you:

Just as much as you are when you invite someone to buy your product or service.

So… If selling is such an important skill, wouldn’t you like to master it?

In today’s environment, it’s more important than ever for you to develop your sales skills and processes… Even if you aren’t in a typical sales role.

Over the past 18 months of uncertainty, change, and turmoil many businesses have been forced to rethink their strategy and operations.

Every sales team has been forced to adjust their sales process and continuously adapt to the new circumstances both for themselves and their prospective customers… And we’ve seen what happens to trust and compliance when governments and businesses fail to do this effectively.

It is more important than ever for you to:

All the signs suggest that the economic and geopolitical upheaval and uncertainty exposed by the pandemic is not over yet and that the coming months and years will continue to provide us with challenge and change.

Static sales techniques (and that includes this you use to sell your ideas, skills, and opportunities as well as products and services) WILL NOT WORK! Erratic and random sales processes are sending opportunities to your COMPETITORS!
The sales people who are thriving in this environment have great people and communication skills and they know how to ask effective sales questions. They also have solid sales systems and processes to back them up.

The good news is… You can develop these sales skills and sales systems too and then you’ll be in a position to ride the front of the new sales wave.

What is Ready Set Sell?

Ready Set Sell is a 30-day sales training program carefully designed to enable you to demonstrate to yourself how easily you can sell your skills and services profitably even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a ‘sales person’.

This online entry level sales program helps you discover and overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving the influence and success you deserve by teaching you the basic habits of sales success… Habits that many professionals ignore or overlook.
You will learn:

And most importantly…

During the 30 days you’ll work on your…

At the end of those 30 days, (if you follow the program and do the work) you’ll look back on 30 days of growth, excitement, satisfaction, and new income. AND…

You’ll have discovered for yourself exactly why I call sales

The #1 Life Skill

Who is Ready Set Sell For?

Ready Set Sell is a good entry level fit for any sales person, business owner, or professional who wants to develop the communication and skills required to achieve ambitious goals.

It’s great for introverts and the sales-allergic because it provides support, motivation, and a the-only-way-you-can-fail is not to do the work experience.

It’s NOT a magic bullet!

You have to watch the trainings, do the exercises, and make calls if you want results. So, if you want to magically become a master salesperson without the discomfort that comes when you set out to learn new skills, please do not enrol.

However, if you are the kind of person who knows that SUCCESS follows strategically directed work and training, and you are ready to invest your time and energy in developing skills that will magnify your effectiveness over the coming months…

Or even if you KNOW that sales skills are a necessary evil and wonder if there might be a way of selling with integrity…

THEN… The next 30 days could be the most exciting and transformative time of your life!

How Does Ready Set Sell Work?

Ready Set Sell is 100% virtual.

Every weekday for a month you’ll get a text in the morning with your task and reminder to do that day.

You’ll also get a weekly training with some practical down-to-earth strategies to help you get quick wins and increase your self-belief by adding $$$ to your bank account and semi-weekly emails to keep you on track.

There’s also a weekly reflection and accountability tool to help you assess your progress.

One of our pilot trainees said that that particular portion was a game-changer for him… When he filled it out, he realised why he hadn’t achieved results during that first week and was determined to change his behaviour.

Ready Set Sell is currently just $595 +GST

Think carefully before you purchase this entry level sales training program though, because there are no refunds for any reason. That’s because there is only one reason why this program won’t deliver many times the price you paid within this first month… and that’s because you don’t do the work!

How do I know this?
I’ve been training sales professionals and non-sales professionals for over 20 years. In all that time, the only people who haven’t succeeded are those who refused to take the actions that success demands.

Success leaves clues. If you KNOW that you’re the kind of person who buys a course, lets it sit around for months, then grumbles that it didn’t deliver on its promises then I can guarantee that Ready Set Sell won’t work for you either.

On the other hand… IF you BELIEVE that it’s time to MASTER the skill of authentic elegant, effortless sales so you can create the lifestyle and future you’d like then I promise that WHEN you do the work using my method, you WILL see LIFE CHANGING results.

What will you do now?

And Transform your Sales Results in the next 30 days…


Frequently asked questions

Ready. Set. Sell! is designed to prove to reluctant sales people that they CAN see their products and services effectively, and that doing so can be FUN. Participants who follow the exercises surprise themselves with the results they get and realise that (with the right approach) sales can be an authentic service to others

Ready. Set. Sell! does help you formulate questions for your prospects, but the reality is that the most effective sales questions are based on an understanding of sales proces structure, your prospect’s needs, and your solution. We teach the patterns and principles to help you develop your most effective sales questions.

Yes. I do believe that anyone can learn to sell when they are given sales training that enables them to develop their own style based on the principles of effective selling. In Ready. Set. Sell!, even though it is 100% self-directed, you will be coached through these principles and you will see how much more effectively you are closing sales.

We have other programs that involve more interaction, and also private one-to-one sales training options. If Ready. Set. Sell! doesn’t meet your needs, please check out the other sales training programs we offer.

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