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Self-Study Courses

For the self-starter we have independent sales training and personal breakthrough courses to build your confidence and deliver results within 30-days.

You can start these courses at any time as they are designed for self-motivated action-takers who are willing to follow instructions and do the necessary work. Like any program that offers skill transformation or personal change you must be willing to follow the program and complete assignments if you want to achieve results.

Online Group Courses

These courses are designed to offer 60-90 days of structured training and guided interaction within a group.

Because of the level of interaction within these courses we have a qualifying process to ensure that each member of your small group is just as committed to growth and change as you are. This is not the kind of course that you sign up for if you want someone else to do the work for you but is for those who are sick of the status quo and ready to create genuine personal or business change.

Short Courses & Workshops

These are Live half-day seminars and trainings that take place at scheduled intervals.
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Our Self-Study Courses Include
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Breakthrough Experience (Personal Breakthrough)

Breakthrough Experience is Like Professional Teeth Cleaning
I don’t know about you, but while I don’t enjoy visiting my dental hygienist, I really love the feeling I get once my teeth have been cleaned.

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Ready. Set. Sell! (Sales)

This is a 30-day start-any-time paced course involving online training modules, personal and professional insights, weekday assignments, and a framework for self-assessment. It’s the perfect starting point for anyone who has convinced themselves that they are not a natural salesperson and can’t sell, or for sales people who are feeling discouraged by less-than-stellar results.

Our Online Group Courses Include
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Confident Conversion (Sales)

What if you could change that sad reality and not only get in front of more of your ideal client. But also optimise your sales conversion rate, closing sales with 70%, 80%, or even 90% of the people you talk to rather than just 30 or 45% of them?

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NLP Sales Mastery Academy (NLP)

While the NLP Practitioner Certification and NLP Master Practitioner Certifications are both intense, the danger is that once you leave the training room you forget how the NLP techniques you have learned can transform your communication, relationships, sales, and general performance.

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NeuroChange (Personal Breakthrough)

We all have emotional and historical ‘baggage’ that keeps us from reaching our full potential. Some of this baggage is simply a minor hindrance, in other cases it involves major trauma that needs to be released so that deep healing can take place. Almost all of us are also exposed to the daily build-up of stress, uncertainty, and tension that will eventually affect our mental, emotional, and physical health if it is not regularly addressed.


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