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Hair and Beauty Industry Sales Business Development courses

As you can see from our client logos, we’ve worked with some big names in the Hair and Beauty industry… And there’s a reason why these companies keep coming back to Life Puzzle for sales training and business development courses.

Typically, people who work in the Hair and Beauty Industry are highly people-centric and care about making clients look and feel their best.

However, sometimes they are so focused on delivering the outcome they believe is possible, that they fail to listen to individual clients and deliver what that person desires.

This is an industry where every person in your salon or clinic must be an expert communicator and sales person because the whole in-salon experience should be choreographed around the client’s desired outcomes. Our training is not about the technical side of your work, but about creating more profitable customers and team members. And creating a context in which each member of your staff maximises their opportunities to shine.

In our experience, while almost every member of the team is interested in working with people, NLP sales training will enhance their ability to truly hear what is being said and deliver the expected results. In such a competitive industry, mere sales training is not enough, your business growth is dependent on client retention and word of mouth recommendations.

Our NLP Sales Training for the Hair and Beauty Industry courses are designed to be well-received by the kind of personalities who gravitate towards the hair and beauty course and to prepare your whole team to deliver exponential growth and fantastic results for both your clients and your business.

Hair and Beauty Industry Lead Generation

Some industries create lead generation and make referrals more easily than others.

The hair and beauty industry is one of those highly visible industries where your clients can walk out of your salon and immediately get told how great they’re looking. That’s the ideal conversation opener for a positive comment on the service they just experienced.

Not only do our NLP Sales Training for the Hair and Beauty Industry courses help your team members understand how to serve customers better, they also provide the tools for you to create a WOW! Experience every time… Because everyone who walks into your salon will feel super-special and appreciated.

Frequently asked questions

Teresa, the co-founder of Life Puzzle started out in the beauty business coaching industry as well as the hair business coaching industry. Over the years they have trained many people in the beauty industry from small salons, to chains, as well as major beauty product and service brands. Their training focuses on generating increased cashflow so that business development can be bankrolled without additional stress.

Most hairdressers are naturally empathetic and have good people skills. Adding sales training to the mix helps them ensure that their clients walk out not only looking fantastic, but equipped with the confidence and tools to recreate the look for themselves between visits. People skills are not the same as sales skills.

When your clients walk out of your beauty treatment room feeling confident and cared for, their visible glow of confidence attracts comments and compliments. That leads to more referrals, which are the most profitable form of lead generation, especially if your staff have developed the sales skills to ensure that every single one of those leads comes back over and over again.

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