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Multiply Your Impact: Sell From Stage

So, you’ve already learned to ’Nail Your Sales’ in a one to one or small group sales presentation to a single buyer…

Now it’s time to multiply your impact and scale your sales results without hiring a much larger sales team!

The fastest way to scale your sales is to learn to sell from stage:

A Single Presentation to a Large Group of Buyers

Sell from Stage is a small group public presentation training program that will not only elevate your public presentation skills but will also help you build trust and rapport with prospective buyers, and teach you how to sell from stage persuasively and with integrity.

When you sell from stage, you have the potential to speak for 45 minutes to an hour (about the length of a single comprehensive sales conversation with ONE buyer) and reach 10 – 50 – 500 – or more buyers in that same period.

Like any sales strategy you can irritate your audience and get burned if you do this poorly and turn your whole presentation into an overt sales pitch.

Sell from Stage teaches Chandell’s proven structure and strategy that will have your audience longing to buy even before they know what you’re selling because they can already feel the dramatic results that your product or service will deliver.

If you’re keen to multiply your results by pitching your product or service ONCE and attracting the interest of a large number of qualified buyers not just from ONE company, but from several, then Sell from Stage is an investment that you’ll want to seriously consider.

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Frequently asked questions

Anyone can learn how to sell from stage if they are willing to discover how to set up their presentation for selling and what four key elements need to be incorporated into every public presentation to set up the sale. When you work with me we will develop a powerful presentation and you will practice until you can deliver it comfortably and effectively.

The level of demand you will encounter for your keynote speaking skills depends on your level of expertise and your field of knowledge which is outside of my control. What I can tell you is that if you do the work and incorporate the suggested techniques you will become a confident and skilful keynote speaker who effectively sells both your skills and your products.

Sell from Stage is designed to provide you with the skills and training you need to design and deliver keynote presentations with confidence and compelling energy, it does not help you book keynote opportunities.

In keeping with my mantra: Sales is the #1 Life Skill, I believe that every public presentation must be designed to engage your audience and sell yourself, your ideas, your skills, and/or your products and services… Most should sell all four. Sell from Stage helps you do all those things so it is excellent public presentation training.

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