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We offer the best sales training in Melbourne. With highly experienced sales training coaches, Life Puzzle strives to get you better sales results. The goal of every business is to make money. So what do you do when this isn’t really happening? Well, what you should do is hire a professional sales trainer. This is where we come in. We are Life puzzle and if you’re looking for a sales trainer in or around Melbourne, or the rest of Australia, contact us today.  Our sales training in Melbourne will help you garner more sales, increase productivity, close bigger deals, strengthen your client relationships, and increase employee satisfaction. Don’t believe us? Just look at our past clients
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We understand the challenges you face because we’ve walked in your shoes. So whatever skills we teach are those we’ve employed and know to be effective. We do not serve what we do not consume, which is why we share all we’ve learnt throughout the years, to keep your sales team up and vibrant.

Our sales training program is tailored to meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be. We offer thorough and ground-breaking sales coaching in Melbourne and Australia-wide.

Our courses are comprehensive, easy to understand and practicable. With our sales coaching, your team is guaranteed to become more successful, which spells big bucks for your company.

Unlike other sales coaching programs that focus on scripts, techniques and tools, we like to do things differently. We do not doubt that these are important in some situations, however, we know that what makes an effective sales team is how much they own, understand, and appreciate what they sell. 

We focus on teaching each individual how to hone or take advantage of their unique skills. We also provide authentic and sincere sales skills that will turn closing a deal from work into something you enjoy. 

We believe that equipping you with the confidence and skill to turn any opportunity into a sales opportunity is essential. These skills and confidence can be applied to any situation at any given time.

The Sales Trainer in Melbourne That Develops Your Confidence

At Life Puzzle, we have the best sales trainers in Melbourne and we aim to inspire and engage in genuine conversations focused on your needs. With this, we can tailor solutions to your specific goals.  We’re committed to your success, and, better yet, we understand the competitive and dynamic world we live in and how hard it can be to catch up. So, thankfully, we’re here to help. We’re not just giving you rules to implement on your own; we’re with you all the way, from start to finish. We believe feedback, practice, and repetition are critical to successful sales training. After the coaching, you’ll be armed with proven strategies for handling any situation or scenario you come across. So if you’re looking for sales trainers in Melbourne or around Australia, choose Life Puzzle. We are the best in the business. Contact us today.
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You might just be a few strategies, tactics and tools away from creating the success and impact you have been dreaming about.

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Frequently asked questions

Maybe you shouldn’t choose me. But here’s why people do: They are looking for a results-based sales training that also develops their personal sales skills rather than a simple set of scripts and tactics.

The biggest mistake most people make when closing sales is to set everything up for a sale and then fail to ask for it. A closely related mistake is asking in the wrong way. I teach you how to ask for the sale with confidence so that your prospect can see that they have a decision to make and h

All of our group courses include comprehensive modules on preparing your sales presentation for 1:1, group, and even selling from stage. In addition, I work with a small number of private clients individually to prepare their sales presentation, teach them how to build their own, and develop their personal sales presentation skills.

I won’t merely show you how to improve company sales, I’ll give you the tools and action plan to do so. I can confidently say that no one who has taken my sales training course and actually done the work has failed to see a substantial increase in both the number of sales closed and the dollar value of their sales.

Yes. All of our sales trainings are set within the framework of improving sales growth and using that as the engine for business development. The most potent strategies to improve sales growth involve developing the skills of each member of your sales team and providing them with an effective sales support structure.

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