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Sales Manager Needed?

The Outsourced Sales Manager Program is ideal for the growth-minded business that is not yet ready for a full-time in-house sales manager but needs an external sales manager or executive to:

Typically, this program takes three years:

Year One = Turning your existing members into a successful high-performing sales team
Year Two = Documentation, SOPs, and Replicable Systems for your sales team
Year Three = Handing over to your full-time Sales Manager

Typical Mistakes When Hiring a Sales Manager

There are three mistakes that business owners make when hiring a sales manager that the Outsourced Sales Manager helps you avoid:

Solve Your Problems with an External Sales Executive

Our Outsourced Sales Manager Program delivers the best of all worlds and prepares you for the future while you grow.

Focus on Training Your Current Sales Team

Chandell is an expert sales trainer and her results-focused, communication-centric approach is very enabling. Under the guidance of her sales training, your sales team can grow and develop in skills and numbers as she sets up effective systems and sales tools that are custom-built for your products and services.

Newly appointed Sales Managers often lack the skills and experience to train existing teams and elevate their individual skills.

Typically, Chandell’s trainees deliver more profitable sales and more job satisfaction than their peers.

Building, Documenting, and Refining Sales Systems

Many sales teams’ results drop off when a star-performer leaves because their efforts are not supported by replicable systems and processes. The Outsourced Sales Manager ensures that your sales team members’ enthusiasm is supported by clearly defined, learnable, well-documented sales systems and processes that reflect your business’s unique experience and culture.

Because everyone is involved in this process (without having total responsibility for it) it brings a sense of ownership and confidence to every member of the team.
Many Sales Managers are great at managing a sales team that already has these elements in place, but are less successful at actually developing and communicating clear sales processes.

Managing a Fully Functioning Sales Team for Success

Training, Documenting, and Ongoing Management are separate skills. By building the foundations of your sales team first using your Outsourced Sales Manager, you are able to attract top-tier talent with expertise in the process of motivating and managing a functional sales team rather than trying to mix and match talent.

Your Solution for Scaling Your Sales

The Outsourced Sales Manager is designed to deliver the best of all worlds to a growing business by providing the opportunity to transition your sales team from a small group of independent performers, to an integrated team that is not dependent on the skills of any single person because everyone on your sales team has the training and communication skills to exceed their sales targets consistently.

Frequently asked questions

Many businesses are not yet ready to hire a full time sales manager, but their sales team still requires management, accountability for sales results, and targeted sales training. As your outsourced sales manager, I bring those skills to the table, developing your existing sales team members, building systems for them to follow, and helping your grow the business to the point where an in-house sales manager makes sense.

Hiring an in-house sales manager too soon, or hiring the wrong person as your sales manager, can slow the growth of your business dramatically. An outsourced sales manager is a temporary solution that helps you grow faster, solve cashflow problems, and set you up for success when you do hire an in-house sales manager.

There is no globally recognised sales coach certification program and if there were, it would probably be worthless. When you are looking for a sales coach or a sales manager, you should be looking at the results they have delivered and their effectiveness at making and managing a high-performing sales team.

Typically, I take companies through a three year cycle of building, consolidating, and transitioning. Some clients have already progressed through this cycle when I start working with them so the period is shorter, a handful of clients have continued to work with me for longer so that they can expand their delivery team even further because the sales volume is already higher than they can manage.

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