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The #1 Reason top talent leaves an organisation is that they feel as though they have hit a growth-ceiling.

Our Ultimate Leadership and Influence Program is designed to help you identify and challenge every single person to reach their highest potential and develop a bullet-proof succession plan. Don’t settle for anything less than a program that addresses employees at every level and creates a motivated, innovative team who works together. culture of
Build a Culture that Attracts and Retains the Highest Performers

What if your company could…

Build a Culture that Attracts and Retains the Highest Performers Grow Your Future Leaders Give the Gift of Growth to ALL Team Members

Can you imagine a workplace in which every person performed at their highest level day-after-day and week-after-week, felt appreciated for their contribution, and knew exactly what to do to reach the position they really desired?

This is the workplace we all aspire to join… and – once having joined – we never want to leave… until our goals and dreams change.

IF YOU were the CEO or manager of such an organisation or team, motivating your staff, recruiting ideal candidates, and retaining talent would be the least of your problems!

We don’t have to be content with just ‘imagining’ this scenario – as though it were a fairytale. We’ve seen it in practice – and our Ultimate Leadership and Influence Program is designed to transform your leadership help this be the daily reality in your company.

Our Four-Step Leadership Program Embraces the Reality that Transformation Demands Reality

Reality : Your employees have a variety of leadership opportunities and goals depending on where they fit into your organisation. One-size does NOT fit all. This program is designed to meet each person where they are and can take them as far as they choose to go.

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Bridging the GAP: Strategy + Psychology at Every Level

There’s a fine, fine line between the culture and outcomes you want and the one you have, even though sometimes it feels like a gaping chasm. That’s because most programs focus on either psychology or strategy. If they claim to include both, it’s only a token effort. The outcome is like taking a cup of hot coffee and putting it into the freezer… The coffee gets cold and the freezer never warms up.

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Our Top-Down, Bottom Up approach to leadership solves the challenge many businesses like yours are experiencing in today’s economy: top talent is hard to find and you’re in constant competition with businesses who will offer more money or flexibility. You can join the race to pay higher wages for lower availability and performance OR you can create a workplace that is so appealing that the best people compete for opportunities to join your team… And stay with you because of the intrinsic satisfaction and opportunity you provide.

How Life Puzzle’s Leadership & Influence Program Creates Engagement & Delivers Results

The best programs will fail if participants do not experience:

Every training we deliver addresses all of these needs and we highlight practical exercises, feedback, and critical thinking skills that empower participants to grow and develop their ability to self-analyze and self-direct both current and future skill acquisition.

The Power of Group Dynamic in Leadership & Influence Development

The aspect of Life Puzzle’s Leadership & Influence Programs that often draws the most attention when we present should be obvious: Leadership and Influence are dependent on your ability to listen, understand, and communicate with others.

These are skills that need to be practiced.

They need to be practiced in conjunction with other people.

Ideally, they should be practiced in the context of working with specific people (i.e. your colleagues, managers, and direct reports) so that you can get feedback and boost team productivity.

The exciting things that happen when individuals work together on these powerful life skills as a team rather than alone demonstrates the synergistic effect of building a leadership and influence program that involves every employee rather just the ‘Leadership Team’. It is our contention that over time, any employee who is not interested in self-development is unlikely to have a future in a forward-thinking, growth-centric organisation… especially in today’s rapidly-changing and competitive labour market.

Just imagine if you never needed to fire another under-performing employee because they would self-select out of your organisation voluntarily leaving you with the cream-of-the-crop in every department.

We have seen the positive impact that this kind of leadership has on team dynamics, as well as the way it inspires previously ‘average’ employees to step up their game and consistently give their best efforts.


If you’d like to learn more about our Ultimate Leadership & Influence Program…
If you’d like to learn more about our Ultimate Leadership & Influence Program…

Ready Set Sell is currently just $595 +GST

Think carefully before you purchase this entry level sales training program though, because there are no refunds for any reason. That’s because there is only one reason why this program won’t deliver many times the price you paid within this first month… and that’s because you don’t do the work!

How do I know this?
I’ve been training sales professionals and non-sales professionals for over 20 years. In all that time, the only people who haven’t succeeded are those who refused to take the actions that success demands.

Success leaves clues. If you KNOW that you’re the kind of person who buys a course, lets it sit around for months, then grumbles that it didn’t deliver on its promises then I can guarantee that Ready Set Sell won’t work for you either.

On the other hand… IF you BELIEVE that it’s time to MASTER the skill of authentic elegant, effortless sales so you can create the lifestyle and future you’d like then I promise that WHEN you do the work using my method, you WILL see LIFE CHANGING results.

What will you do now?

And Transform your Sales Results in the next 30 days…


Frequently asked questions

Ready. Set. Sell! is designed to prove to reluctant sales people that they CAN see their products and services effectively, and that doing so can be FUN. Participants who follow the exercises surprise themselves with the results they get and realise that (with the right approach) sales can be an authentic service to others

Ready. Set. Sell! does help you formulate questions for your prospects, but the reality is that the most effective sales questions are based on an understanding of sales proces structure, your prospect’s needs, and your solution. We teach the patterns and principles to help you develop your most effective sales questions.

Yes. I do believe that anyone can learn to sell when they are given sales training that enables them to develop their own style based on the principles of effective selling. In Ready. Set. Sell!, even though it is 100% self-directed, you will be coached through these principles and you will see how much more effectively you are closing sales.

We have other programs that involve more interaction, and also private one-to-one sales training options. If Ready. Set. Sell! doesn’t meet your needs, please check out the other sales training programs we offer.

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