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Custom Corporate Training: Seminars

Reviews for Chandell’s custom sales training seminars invariably say something like, “She made the subject interesting, included things I hadn’t thought of previously, and kept her audience engaged.”

That’s because she is good at ‘reading the room’ and has such a deep knowledge of her subject that she can change things up on the fly to address pressing concerns or cope with disruptions. Unlike some presenters, she’s not tied to her powerpoint, but she IS 100% focused on delivering value and ensuring that everyone leaves the room with more capacity than they had on arrival.

Custom Corporate Training: Workshops

Sometimes you need an interactive presentation and time to solve sales problems. This might include developing a new strategy for thinking about your market or product, building a new set of assets for your sales team, or devising your plan for entering a new marketplace or disrupting an existing one.

Chandell brings her extensive sales experience across a variety of industries as well as her strong communication skills to the table as a facilitator and guide for this kind of sales training workshop.

Custom Corporate Training: Training

Like all our custom corporate trainings, our longer sales trainings courses are highly interactive and results-focused. From our perspective, most of your employees will already have been exposed to some of the knowledge presented, but they will not be consistently applying it or seeing its impact on their career and results

We offer multi-day intensive trainings as well as trainings that span several weeks or even months and involves weekly or bi-weekly group meetings for training and Q&A as well as one-to-one meetings with some or all of the participants.

These custom sales trainings are specially designed to meet the needs and objectives of your company.

Custom Training Development Themes

Your custom training seminar, workshop, or training can be built around any of the following broader themes:

... And more.

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Frequently asked questions

Your business’s success and your sales results are very closely linked indeed, so while sales coaching does not cover every area of your business, it makes sense to think of them as an integrated process. Our Business and Sales Coaching programs cover profitable pricing and business structures that ensure that your constant flow of sales keeps your cashflow positive.

A sales consultant will tell you what is wrong with your sales team and sales process and may even tell you what you ought to be doing instead, whereas a sales trainer will focus on how you can see immediate and ongoing improvement in your results by delivering personal training, systems development, and implementation.

Sales coaching tips without behavioural and mindset change only deliver minor improvements. Most failing salespeople don’t lack knowledge, they lack confidence and determination. If you are just looking for sales coaching tips, you are welcome to join my email list and participate in our active NLP Sales Mastery Facebook group – but you will quickly discover that any real acceleration in your sales results demands deeper change.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques focus on helping you ‘read’ your prospects and customers more accurately and communicate with them more effectively. Your NLP coach will help you identify and speak to the buying preferences of your prospect and develop a more flexible approach so that you can sell effectively to a wider range of personalities at higher prices.

Chandell is an expert sales trainer. While more sales will definitely develop any business and is one of the most fundamental roles in business development, Chandell’s expertise focuses on improving sales results. If you are looking for a traditional business development consultant who will work on your fundamental business systems and structures, then Chandell is not the right person to help you.

A great sales trainer is a person who not only knows how to make sales for themselves but is also able to break down the process of selling into segments that other people can understand, learn, and practice themselves. Many people who are proficient at a skill, are very poor at communicating its fundamentals to others. Chandell’s natural empathy, organised mind, NLP skills, extensive experience, and insight into human psychology makes her one of the most effective sales trainers alive today.

There are three key sales that you need to make if you want to get better at closing sales and most sales trainings only focus on one of them. At Life Puzzle our sales trainings help you to confidently make all three sales every time by helping you communicate the physical and mental confidence your prospect needs to make a buying decision.

Yes. All of our sales courses put sales skills in the context of business development because we believe that sales skills are your business growth power-house. If there is no sales engine, your business cannot grow and thrive as it needs to do.

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