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Why Put Sales & NLP Together?

Many sales training courses focus only on the ‘hard skills’ of selling.
I believe that is why they don’t deliver the results people expect… Because Sales is not only the #1 Life Skill, it also involves personal awareness, sophisticated communication and verbal skills, and mental and emotional resilience. Each of our sales training courses focuses on delivering the sales results you want, as well as the sense of empowerment and success that every member of your sales team needs by incorporating essential elements that are taught at greater depth in our Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training courses.

Of course, our NLP training courses and certification courses take this to an even deeper level and add additional skills and personal qualification to provide the ultimate framework of a sales business development course: placing sales squarely in the context of business development where it belongs.

Life Puzzle’s Sales Training Courses include…

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Ready Set Sell (30-day Sales Accelerator)

This is a 30-day start-any-time paced course involving online training modules, personal and professional insights, weekday assignments, and a framework for self-assessment. It’s the perfect starting point for anyone who has convinced themselves that they are not a natural salesperson and can’t sell, or for sales people who are feeling discouraged by less-than-stellar results.

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Confident Closing Workshop

Based on Chandell’s popular sales workshop that was the inspiration for her best-selling book, this ½ day workshop (taught live online or in-person) teaches the Art of Consistently Closing sales without being pushy. You’ll learn how to identify non-buyers who are ‘too polite to say no’, and how to make your buyers comfortable and leave them feeling confident that they have made a great decision.

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Confident Conversion: 90 days to More Cash, More Clients, More Impact

How much can you change in 90 days?

When it comes to your business development, the answer is just about everything. During this 90-day live program we examine your entire sales process from pitching your services and designing your offer, to pricing and delivery in the context of your business profitability. You’ll discover just how your sales outcomes are transformed and how effortless selling becomes when you set it in the context of an irresistible offer, elastic pricing, and confident conversion practices. There’s a reason why this is one of the most effective sales trainings in Australia.

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In-House Confident Conversion

This is an in-house sales training course using all the techniques taught in Confident Conversion: 90 days to More Cash, More Clients, More Impact but specifically tailored for your business. We practice developing the perfect introduction for each member of the team, refining offers, and testing prices as well as setting each person up with the perfect activity and results tracker.

In addition to multiplying your sales, this is a great team-building training as well as an opportunity to involve every member of your organisation in the sales process.

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Sales Accelerator Roundtable

Exclusively for graduates of Confident Conversion: 90 days to More Cash, More Clients, More Impact, this sales training course is the logical next-step for business owners and sales professionals who know they need to keep growing their sales and communication skills.

With fresh in-depth trainings monthly from Chandell and the opportunity to strengthen relationships with other professionals as you learn from each other this is the ideal environment to keep scaling your sales and your business.

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Outsourced Sales Manager

For the mid-sized business with a sales team, but not yet ready for a full-time sales manager, the Outsourced Sales Manager program gives you access to Chandell’s sales team management and sales team training skills so that you can scale your business effectively until you get to the point of hiring a full-time in-house sales manager.
Chandell works with no more than 3 companies in this role at a time and typically relinquishes her role after helping her client hire a sales manager.

Life Puzzle’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Training Courses include…

Nlp Mpc

NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Life Puzzle’s 7-day NLP Practitioner Certification Training and 10-day NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training are both transformational and exhilarating. There is nothing quite like the intensity of this experience and the sense of accomplishment you feel at the end when you realise that not only have you learned new skills and felt yourself change, but you have also been instrumental in helping others to change.
Chandell is a mistress of the Craft of NLP, a gifted teacher, and she demands high standards from her students… And helps them reach those standards (sometimes to their own surprise).

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NLP Sales Mastery Academy Program

While the NLP Practitioner Certification and NLP Master Practitioner Certifications are both intense, the danger is that once you leave the training room you forget how the NLP techniques you have learned can transform your communication, relationships, sales, and general performance.

The NLP Sales Mastery Academy Program is designed to help you continually practice your skills and apply them in new ways. It’s name tells you everything: this program is designed for those individuals who want to Master their new-found skills and incorporate them appropriately into every area of their lives.

Life Puzzle’s Keynote Speaker Training Courses include…

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Sell From Stage

The ultimate keynote speaker presentation course, this program helps you do far more than simply design a powerful presentation that engages your audience. Whether you are selling a product, service, way of life, or an idea, Sell from Stage will help you create presentations that motivate your audience to action and teach you how to ‘read’ (and change) your audience’s interest and energy level so that you are never again faced with the challenge of presenting to a group many of whom would clearly rather be somewhere else.

8 Week Neurochange Intensive


NeuroChange Intensive

Neuro-Change is a 8 Week Program Designed to Help You Develop Habits of Thought and Action That Will Set You Free to Level Up.

Frequently asked questions - Confident Closing Workshop

From time to time we sell the recorded sessions of this workshop to people on our email list. If you’re interested in purchasing this, please join our list. In addition, two times per year we run live workshops via Zoom. These are promoted to the public as well as to our email list.

Occasionally we will make special offers to previous attendees, purchasers of other programs, and list members. Many people like to repeat this program at least once a year to brush up their closing skills.

The Confident Closing Workshop focuses specifically on asking for the sale and taking payment as well as short segment on developing an elevator pitch that attracts attention. Most of our other programs deal with the whole sales process from developing an offer, pricing your offer, presenting your pitch and closing the sale.

The Confident Closing Workshop is designed to help both business owners and sales professionals who struggle to close sales even when they are talking to interested prospects as well as people who simply want a refresher on the importance and techniques of actually closing sales.

Many people purchase Confident Closing Workshop because they have heard of me or seen me present online and they want to know whether my style and approach to sales is a good fit for them before investing in one of my longer and more expensive programs.

Frequently asked questions - Sell From Stage

Your business’s success and your sales results are very closely linked indeed, so while sales coaching does not cover every area of your business, it makes sense to think of them as an integrated process. Our Business and Sales Coaching programs cover profitable pricing and business structures that ensure that your constant flow of sales keeps your cashflow positive.

A sales consultant will tell you what is wrong with your sales team and sales process and may even tell you what you ought to be doing instead, whereas a sales trainer will focus on how you can see immediate and ongoing improvement in your results by delivering personal training, systems development, and implementation.

Sales coaching tips without behavioural and mindset change only deliver minor improvements. Most failing salespeople don’t lack knowledge, they lack confidence and determination. If you are just looking for sales coaching tips, you are welcome to join my email list and participate in our active NLP Sales Mastery Facebook group – but you will quickly discover that any real acceleration in your sales results demands deeper change. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques focus on helping you ‘read’ your prospects and customers more accurately and communicate with them more effectively. Your NLP coach will help you identify and speak to the buying preferences of your prospect and develop a more flexible approach so that you can sell effectively to a wider range of personalities at higher prices.

Chandell is an expert sales trainer. While more sales will definitely develop any business and is one of the most fundamental roles in business development, Chandell’s expertise focuses on improving sales results. If you are looking for a traditional business development consultant who will work on your fundamental business systems and structures, then Chandell is not the right person to help you.

A great sales trainer is a person who not only knows how to make sales for themselves but is also able to break down the process of selling into segments that other people can understand, learn, and practice themselves. Many people who are proficient at a skill, are very poor at communicating its fundamentals to others. Chandell’s natural empathy, organised mind, NLP skills, extensive experience, and insight into human psychology makes her one of the most effective sales trainers alive today. 

There are three key sales that you need to make if you want to get better at closing sales and most sales trainings only focus on one of them. At Life Puzzle our sales trainings help you to confidently make all three sales every time by helping you communicate the physical and mental confidence your prospect needs to make a buying decision.

Yes. All of our sales courses put sales skills in the context of business development because we believe that sales skills are your business growth power-house. If there is no sales engine, your business cannot grow and thrive as it needs to do. 

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