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The Goal of Our Sales Training Courses and NLP Courses

The Keys to Growth and Development in any Skill

You probably remember academic exams at school or university where you studied furiously and crammed just before the test and then promptly forgot everything you learned once it was over. I know that was how I often approached learning, especially in subjects that didn’t seem relevant.

Contrast that with learning skills like:

All of the above skills demand a multi-step process if you want to master them… and consistent practice if you want to stay at the top of your game.

The Skill Mastery Learning Framework goes like this:

  1. Provide context
  2. Teach the concept
  3. Demonstrate what it looks like
  4. Show them how to do it
  5. Make them practice
  6. Give feedback
  7. More Practice and feedback… Then
  8. Add another layer of challenge and complexity and Repeat steps 1-8

It’s not just sales training courses and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) courses that ignore this process – it’s becoming less common in every educational and learning setting.

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Our Sales Training Courses are Structured for Results

I’m a firm believer in following the evidence, learning from mistakes (my own and others’) and applying it to my practices.

One of the reasons that our sales training courses deliver measurable results including.

… Is that we treat sales as The #1 Life Skill. That means that our sales training courses don’t just dump a bunch of theory on you or give you some scripts to memorise and then let you walk away hoping that you’ll be able to implement what we’ve taught you.

Instead, our sales training courses are designed to follow the Skill Mastery Learning Framework outlined above. They’re more like training for a marathon than cramming for an exam and as a result you develop muscle memory, stamina, self-belief, and an Elemental Confidence in your ability to sell congruently and comfortably… As well as a Dauntless Determination to keep getting better at sales.

Our Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Courses Online and Live Focus on Mastery

The name of our online NLP community says it all: NLP Sales Mastery Academy! This is our private group specially for members of our NLP courses online as well as graduates of our NLP Certification Programs to share, learn, ask questions, and get access to some special trainings and promotions.

Like our sales training courses and sales business development courses we don’t just dump a whole lot of NLP techniques and information on you and then hope you’ll think about it when you need it. We all know that’s a recipe for disaster!

Instead, we offer ongoing training and mentoring to help you work through the Skill Mastery Learning Framework in the context of your NLP learnings.

As far as I know, LifePuzzle offer the only NLP courses online or offline that gives our students the opportunity to continue exploring and implementing these techniques in your daily work and personal life and watching how these techniques contribute to:

NLP focuses on building and strengthening both the Neural and Linguistic pathways that help you create new ways of thinking and behaving. The thing that is missing from most NLP courses online (especially), but also in-person is that once you’ve learned the skills it’s up to you to keep practicing them and finding new uses for them. If you don’t, then you’ll quickly forget about them.

Our approach keeps them fresh in your mind, and our bi-weekly live small-group sessions offer opportunities to keep developing these skills that are at the heart of strengthening your ability to speak powerfully and to influence others.

Frequently asked questions

I can’t guarantee your results because there are too many variables: your product, your motivation, your willingness to do the work… etc. What I can tell you is that every single person I’ve worked with who has followed the instructions they have been given and taken action has dramatically increased their sales and income.

Many corporate sales coaches are focused on techniques, scripts, and tactics. My sales coaching focuses on delivering measurable results like higher profits, more sales, higher value sales.

It is quite possible that you shouldn’t. My courses are designed for people who are determined to succeed, looking for ways to excel so they’re prepared for bigger challenges, and not afraid of working hard to achieve a worthwhile goal. If that doesn’t describe you then perhaps you should pick a different course.

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