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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Mastery Academy Year 1

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Mastery Academy is designed to teach and reinforce your NLP skills so that you can implement them easily and effortlessly in everyday situations.

It is a 1-year small group Online Mastery Program that meets every fortnight. Over the course of the year we explore each of the NLP Practitioner topics in-depth from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. Each session focuses on reviewing and practicing a single NLP technique, doing exercises, and discussing real-world scenarios as well as a free-flowing Q&A session in which you can ask questions about challenges you encountered during the week and share your successes and failures as well.

The small group format is perfect for this course as you develop trust and rapport with other members, have the opportunity to learn from their experiences, and also receive personalised feedback.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Mastery Academy Years 2-4

These groups follow the same format as the NLP Mastery Academy Year 1 and are open only to graduates of the preceding year of the NLP Mastery Academy to ensure that the material can be presented with appropriate depth.

Each succeeding year assumes mastery of the material covered in the preceding class and works on taking your skills of communication, self-mastery, and personal success to ever-greater depths. From Year 2 onwards, we work on using language to improve communications skills and posing questions that help others expand their awareness and become more resourceful and adept.

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Mastering NLP through the Life Puzzle NLP Mastery Academy

Too many students of NLP are thrilled when they observe the transformational power that NLP skills bring to their productivity, communication, and overall happiness, but they fail to use the techniques to their fullest potential because they learn these skills, yet fail to truly master them.

Because of the ongoing nature of this course, our students develop genuine mastery as well as an instinctive awareness of which NLP technique to use and how to phrase questions or answers for the greatest impact.

This powerful set of techniques can transform your relationships, communication skills, and results in every area of your life from business to personal.

At LifePuzzle we don’t just focus on changing your patterns of thinking and responding to stimuli and circumstances (the ‘neuro’ side of NLP), we also take seriously the words and word patterns you use (the ‘linguistic’ side of NLP) – which is an area that most NLP trainers ignore because they find it too difficult to teach.

Chandell has made quantum linguistics a core part of her NLP trainings because she believes it’s even more important to be able to communicate effectively than it is to be able to change your unwanted behaviours and she believes that her students are fully capable of mastering this important skill.

Frequently asked questions

The NLP Sales Mastery Academy is a small group training that meets every fortnight online to learn or review NLP techniques, discuss how they can be applied in everyday work situations, and discuss appropriate interventions and opportunities to use NLP to enhance your personal or career development or improve your sales.

The NLP Sales Mastery Academy is designed for people who are new to NLP, but interested in exploring its application in sales, or for those who have completed NLP certification and want to continue to develop their skills and mastery.

The NLP Sales Mastery Academy will help you communicate more effectively and provide greater insight and understanding into other people’s motivations, fears, and unspoken thoughts. These skills and insights will help you lead your team more effectively as well as selling your ideas, plans, and products with less effort and resistance.

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