The Universal Formula for Effortless Selling

Successful Deal After Great Meeting. Two Business Men Handshake.

“Plant a tiny seed in the right spot and it will grow without coaxing.”

~ B.J. Fogg

The Motivation / Willpower Problem

One of the principles I teach in my NLP classes is that your willpower is finite. This is important because it helps people understand why it’s so easy to break your exercise, diet, or productivity chain when you’re tired, unhappy, or otherwise under stress. It’s also why I periodically run courses and challenges on building habits because the more you focus on creating constructive habitual behaviours, the less friction there is between you and your goals.

Unlike willpower, motivation isn’t finite, and your motivation goes a long way toward keeping you focused, but motivation has to be supported too. One of the biggest ways of keeping your motivation high also comes back to creating habits – like reviewing your goals and reminding yourself why you care in the first place.

I’ve noticed that the biggest reason why people don’t sell is… They’re depending on finite (or exhausted) supplies of motivation and willpower and they haven’t developed the mindset, habits, and tools to help them sell effortlessly!

Why Did I Lose THAT Sale!

Have you ever gone through your sales process…

Seen the enthusiasm and buy-in in every line of your prospect’s face and every word they spoke…

Then waited… And waited… And waited for a “Yes, we’re in” that never comes?

It’s true, even I don’t get a 100% close rate if you count every appointment I schedule, but I do get a 100% close rate on every appointment with suitable prospects – and I can see those rejections in advance.

Effortless Selling is not about forcing people to do business with you, or only selling to people who are certain to buy (often people teach this practice and suggest you lower your prices) – it’s about understanding WHO will benefit and HOW they will experience that benefit and setting up a system that HIGHLIGHTS those things.

When you apply the Effortless Selling Formula you’ll be able to know without question who is going to buy now, who needs more time, and who will never buy – so you can tailor your follow-up accordingly.

This is critical information because it falls into the ‘trash-talk prevention strategy’ playbook. Sales people have exceptionally high burnout and turnover because every time they lose a sale, what I call the itty-bitty-shitty committee kicks in and tells them what went wrong (usually focusing on ‘what you did wrong’). This saps your motivation and your willpower.

The Effortless Selling Formula nips that trash-talk in the bud by providing a framework for assessing your process and specific tools to help you improve if you realise that there’s something you need to change.

How Habits Help You Sell Effortlessly

There are specific habits you need to incorporate into your sales process if you want it to be effortless, but in this article I’m going to focus on how these habits support your selling process. Your effortless selling habits address your:

  • Mindset
  • Preparation
  • Questions
  • Presentation
  • Close

When each of these becomes part of a process that is at once automatic, rigid, and flexible then your path from the start of the sale to the close is like one of those ‘choose your own adventure’ games. From the inside there are infinite options, from the outside everything is clearly programmed.

Since you are on the outside, you can see clearly what is going to happen next and one action or reaction triggers the next step in your process right up to the sale.

Effortless Selling is NOT a Natural Gift

The old adage, “Salesman are born not made;” is simply not true.

ANYONE can learn to be an effective sales person – if they choose to apply themselves – and it’s one of those skills (like riding a bicycle) that you never lose.

I could go over all the things that effortless selling is NOT (eg. Pushy, obnoxious, manipulative…) but I’d rather focus on why it’s imperative that you learn to sell effortlessly right now…

You see…

…In the Industrial Age selling was the province of sales people – that’s where the whole pushy, sleazy, manipulative idea came from, but in the Knowledge Age (now) it doesn’t matter what profession you are in, sales is a skill you must develop and integrate into every part of your life unless you want to be left behind and deprived of opportunities not just to succeed, but to contribute.

I talk about this extensively in my sales trainings because sales skills are now imperative in everything from IT to Banking, medicine to construction and that’s why it’s so critical that you learn to sell with effortless authenticity and skill.

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