The Secret Pushy Sales People Don’t Know

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“Random sales techniques create desperation, desperation creates pushiness, and pushiness undermines long-term buyer-seller relationships.”

~ Chandell Labbozzetta

Do You Follow a Process During Sales Appointments?

Sarah called me to ask for some business advice. She was struggling to make her business profitable and a friend

had recommended my coaching program. At the start of our conversation she told me how much she hates selling and being sold to.

Later on she told me about the experience she had when she took her dog to the vet for an infected paw.

“They were just amazing! They treated Lucy’s paw and identified the problem and then they went over her history and suggested that she was probably deficient in some key minerals which made her susceptible to these infections. They suggested I change her food and give her a supplement when I give her worm and tick medication.”

It turned out that Sarah had spent nearly $200 over and above the bill for the vet’s service and she had signed up for a dog-food subscription plan.

BUT… she never felt that she had been ‘sold’ to, all they did was offer a solution to a problem.

When I pointed out to Sarah that the vet had simply followed a clear process that helped Sarah get what she wanted (a healthy dog), and the vet surgery get what they wanted (product sales and ongoing income) she was shocked at how comfortable she felt with the process.

“Could I do that in my business?” she asked.

The Danger of Random Acts of Selling

I love novelty and experience and I have a high tolerance for risk… otherwise, I’d probably be working for a corporation


When it comes to sales (which I believe is too important to risk failing at on a personal or professional level)…

There is nothing like a clear process for creating profitable predictable outcomes without any pushiness or hard feelings. That’s where Sarah was confused.

When you don’t have a clear process that includes diagnosing whether the person you are talking to actually needs what you are selling, you easily slip into hype and exaggeration in an effort to raise the value of whatever you’re selling, and when that temptation is combined with a need to bolster your bank account you’re in big trouble when it comes to sales.

Here are some of the ugly things that happen when you don’t have a clear sales process:

  • You wind up trying to sell to people who don’t need your product or service;
  • You hear yourself exaggerating your results or even downright lying;
  • Discounting is your favourite closing technique (Piling on extras is your second favourite);
  • You avoid thinking constructively about your bank balance;
  • You are vulnerable to anyone offering an instant, shiny solution in exchange for your dwindling supply of cash or credit;
  • Every day you feel less respect and affection for the person you see in the mirror.

It doesn’t have to be like that and it’s never too late to regain your self-respect as you implement a clear sales process that works like magic.

Like it or Not, Sales is the #1 Life Skill

“But wait,” I hear you say, “I’m not a sales professional. I’m a [doctor, vet, accountant, IT consultant…] and I don’t like pushy sales people.”

That’s true.

BUT… I bet you

  • Have some great ideas that you’d like other people to adopt;
  • Would like a promotion or pay raise at work;
  • Need your children to develop good habits or work, exercise, and play;
  • Have friends, family, and loved ones you’d like to influence;
  • Want more business and greater co-operation from your employees;
  • Want to help your customers and clients get the outcomes they want.

And if you see yourself needing any of those critical things, then you can see why I believe that selling is the #1 Life Skill – not an unpleasant necessity.

In fact, the greater your desire to help others and your conviction that you have a valuable solution, the more urgent and essential it is for you to perfect your sales process.

A Brief Example of a Sales Process

We all want to find solutions to problems that are bothering us, even solutions to serious problems that we didn’t realise we had until someone kindly pointed them out.

Medical specialists are often very good at this sales process because they know that their patient’s life and health rest on prompt action in response to practiced selling.

The really good specialists… The ones you want to see have a process for informing you whether:

  • You need to take immediate action – or else!
  • Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.
  • Sorry, I can’t help you… And I don’t think anyone else can either.

In each of these situations they aren’t just winging it, they’re following a process that has room for personalisation built in.

They don’t need to be pushy. They just need to diagnose the problem accurately, help you see your options clearly, and make it easy for you to choose and proceed with the option that will deliver the most desirable outcome.

You can do this too.

In fact, if you do it effectively you’ll find your customers thanking you profusely and actively looking for other services you can help them with.

Confident Conversion: 90 Days to a Clear Sales Process (and other desirable outcomes)

I’m a big believer in empowering my clients to learn the sales skills they need to attract ideal clients and build unbreakable long-term relationships with them. The ability to sell with confidence and clarity is essential for every leader, and every business owner is a leader. It’s a bit like oxygen masks on planes: Until you have those skills, there’s very little point equipping your team; once you have them, then you can work on passing them on.

In my Confident Conversion: 90 days to More Cash, More Clients, More Impact program, the focus is on helping you put together a clear sales process for your product or service. What my clients discover, is that that same process can be applied to all the other ‘sales’ environments they find themselves in, so by the end of the 90 days they find everyone around them is paying greater attention to their words and actions.

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