Winning Words Workshop: Using the Power of Language to Shape Your Results

What if You Could Change the Results JUST By Changing Your Words

I used to hate it when prospects interrupted my presentations with questions… And it was even worse when I delivered a whole sales presentation and then got to the objections at the end because the questions mostly focused on details. And then I realised that it was all in language I used and the questions I asked… and my closing rate skyrocketed!”

Do You Know That the Words You Choose Shape Your Results?

Discover how to choose magic words that can transform the outcomes of your:

Meh… to Memorable
Combative… to Agreeable
Woeful… to Wow
AND… Provide you with valuable and profitable insights that will win the lifelong loyalty of your existing customers and the trust and business of new prospects.

Winning Words Workshop: Using the Power of Language to Shape Your Results

Join me and discover the verbal tools that will change your life.
The tools and live attendance are free. The value is priceless.

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Tuesday @ 9:30am AEST, 10th May
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Winning Words Workshop Presented by…

Chandell Labbozzetta
Author | Speaker | Master Trainer of NLP and Sales

After 20+ years of training individuals and teams in sales, Chandell knows that you can have all the techniques, scripts, presentation tools, and practice imaginable… and STILL find sales success elusive. Her effortless selling methodology presents the missing piece.

Discover the difference that makes all the difference… and experience the joy of closing ANY KIND of sale.

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