Scale your Sales Workshop

Wednesday, March 29th  @ 10am AEDT

5 Mistakes That STOP You From
Scaling Your Sales… And
What You Need to Change Right Now!

The Difference Between Scaling Sales and Just Growing them…

Too often Business Owners or Sales Managers talk about their desire to GROW their sales, when what they really want to do is SCALE them. This is a huge mistake when it comes to building your sales system because if it’s well-designed for GROWTH it will hinder your real opportunity which is to SCALE your Sales.

SCALE = an exponential multiplication of results that is far greater than the increased effort required to achieve it.
GROWTH = an additive approach to increasing results that requires 2x effort (and expenditure) for 2 x results and often ends in burnout.

In this FREE 60 minute workshop I will identify the 5 mistakes that are built into most sales systems which keep you trapped in the Sales Growth Swamp and map out the changes you need to make to turn Sales Growth Systems into Sales Scale Systems.

This workshop will take place on:
Wednesday March 29th 10am AEDT

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Transformational Effect of a Sales System Built For Scale… Even if you don’t think you need it!

Sometimes people say, “Oh, but I’m just a small business, I’ll just focus on growing my sales and build a system for that.”

The short version of my response is:

  • Why would you deliberately stunt your sales development when it takes the same amount of thinking and effort to design a growth-focused sales system as it does to build a scalable sales system?
  • Do you really want to have to start rebuilding your sales system almost from scratch when your sales accelerate or work yourself into an early grave?
  • Just imagine that your sales take-off… (ou wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want more sales in the first place so imagine you get the result you desire).

Which of the following equations would you prefer to see in the tong-term:

2x ($ Sales) = (2x Hours) + (2x Costs)
Eg. $10000 Sales = 4 Hours + $1500 Costs => $20000 Sales = 8 Hours + $3000 Costs
=> $30000 Sales = 24 Hours + $4500 Costs


2x ($ Sales) = (1x Hours) + (1x Costs)
Eg. $10000 Sales = 4 Hours + $1500 Costs => $20000 Sales = 4 Hours + $1500 Costs
=> $30000 Sales = 4 Hours + $1500 Costs

Come along and discover why Building Sales Systems for Scale is the Lazy Person’s Option…
or simply the choice of the person who has other things to do with their life

Can’t attend live?
Register now and you’ll have a chance to purchase access to the replay.

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Scale Your Sales Workshop
presented by

Chandell Labbozzetta
Author | Speaker | Master Trainer of NLP and Sales

After 20+ years of training individuals and teams in sales, Chandell knows that you can have all the techniques, scripts, presentation tools, and practice imaginable… and STILL find sales success elusive. Her effortless selling methodology presents the missing piece.

Discover the difference that makes all the difference… and experience the joy of closing ANY KIND of sale.

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