Your Future is Shaped by Your Choices. What Are You Building?

Young Unsure Man Is Making Decision. Strategy And Choice Concept.

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

~ Jim Rohn

Your Choices Today Will Shape Your Tomorrow… (as mine will)

You know those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure” games and books, where the choice you make at any stage affects the options available?

It’s kind of fun to make wacky choices when you’re playing at it and see what happens when you make choices that are obviously poor or risky, BUT what if you were doing that in real life?

Unfortunately, I meet people all the time who are making decisions that will handicap them for years to come.

Choices like…

  • Spending every evening in front of the TV watching programs they don’t really care about when they could be nurturing relationships, reading, or learning new skills;
  • Getting caught up in social media feuds and frenzies;
  • Staying in bed when they know they need to get up and move more;
  • Eating sugary food and empty calories rather than giving their mind and body the fuel it needs;
  • Alcohol, drugs, caffeine, and other ‘harmless’ tools that provide short-term satisfaction and help them cope with life;
  • Deciding that if they can’t ‘work’ they can just lounge;
  • Spending time with people who they know are a ‘bad influence’ on their mood or habits just because;
  • Immersing themselves in negativity;
  • The list could go on…

None of us are perfect, I’m certainly not. Like everyone else, I make bad choices about my eating, thinking, time-usage, relationships, entertainment, movement (or lack thereof). However, I’m aware of them and I really try not to use the justification that “everyone else is doing it.”

Do You REALLY Want to Be Average?

I KNOW that the choices I make today will shape the person I am and the life I will live tomorrow… And that makes me think.

You see, I don’t want to be ‘average’. I want to be much better than that! Zig Ziglar used to say that “the majority is always wrong” and this reality was one of the reasons why democracy in the ancient world was never just a question of letting the majority of the population decide: there were definite standards you needed to meet if you wanted a voice in shaping policy.

I really prefer looking at it as a decision not to settle for the ordinary, but to reach for a quality of life and impact that is extraordinary and unusual.

What Do Your Choices Say About Your Future?

What that means is that day by day and hour by hour you need to make choices that are different from the choices other people are making. For starters, you’ll make choices about:

  • What to consume (mentally as well as physically);
  • How to treat your body (food & movement);
  • How to treat and respond to others;
  • What to believe;
  • How and with whom to work;

Your choices won’t always be the same as mine. But that’s the point. Anything you are doing, saying, or thinking because ‘everyone does it’ is probably putting you on the path towards average.

The choices you make TODAY for whatever reason will quickly turn into HABITS that will shape your behaviour (and your response to stress) for years to come.

No-one knows exactly what our society and economy will look like this time next year and neither you nor I can control that.

What we can control is our own response to the situation and the choices we make about things within our power. Things like our mental food, our use of time, our nutrition, and our exercise plans.

What Are You Going to Do with This?

It doesn’t cost anything to change the choices you make about things you can control. However, choosing not to change could cost you everything you’ve worked for.

I look around and I see people whose families, businesses, and lifestyles have taken a huge hit over the last few weeks, but who have chosen to find alternative paths forward. Many of them already had dreams in their minds and hearts and have taken this as the impetus for doubling down on their focus and action.

Others have looked at the situation and said, “I don’t know what to do, but I need to change… And they’ve invested in programs or coaching to help them move forward strategically and make wise choices.” It’s always exciting to see people become aware of their need for change and then ask for help along the way.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Am I going to be a victim of my circumstances or a shaper of my opportunities?
  • Do I need to take decisive action on items that I already know?
  • Do I need help deciding where I’m going and how to get there?
  • Will a recorded program suit my goals, budget, and level of knowledge best?
  • Do I need the support of a group and structured teaching to set foundations in place so that I can move forward with confidence?
  • Do I need tailored one-to-one guidance from an experienced coach in one or more specific areas of my business?

There are no right answers to these questions… But answering them honestly will help you determine what you need to succeed.

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