What Do You Need to Focus on TODAY… to Prepare for Your Abundant Future?

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“If ‘energy flows where attention goes’ each of us has a tremendous amount of control over our lives and future outcomes.”

~ Chandell Labbozzetta

The Attention-Energy Principle

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to magically attract abundance in their relationships, material goods, health, opportunities, and other areas of life?

Maybe you also know people who attract misery, hardship, contentious relationships… And other challenges.

There are even people who have incredible abundance in one area and an equivalent disaster-scope in others…

What makes the difference?

Your answer lies in this attention-energy paradigm.

N.B. I am not saying that you attract what you deserve, or that your misfortune is your own fault but I am saying that our response to circumstances either cements us in place, or becomes a stepping stone to move forward into abundance. Bad stuff does happen to most people. How you respond in the face of it makes all the difference.

Focus in a Time of Flux

There are two primary approaches to goals and problem solving: TOWARD and AWAY FROM.

Many people use “away from” motivation, which has its place, but it can be responsible for a lot of negative energy in your life.

One of my clients was fixated on ‘not being poor’. He was fed up with always having to tell his wife ‘we can’t afford that’ and juggling his credit cards to make sure that all the bills were paid. It seemed that no matter what he did or how hard he worked, he always ran into the same problem. We did some work together and shifted his focus onto what he wanted so that he had a compelling vision to work towards… And his outcomes changed dramatically!

I’ve seen the same transformation in relationships, health, client-quality, staff… and just about every area of life. When you focus on the outcome you want and create a plan to take you there your circumstances align almost magically.

When Would NOW Be a Good Time?

You can keep putting off the need for change that is staring you in the face.


You can do something about it right now.

When I was young one of our neighbours had a goldfish pond in their yard with lots of waterlilies, weed, and a birdbath on a pedestal in the middle. I loved going over there and dancing around the edge of the pond trying to spot the fish especially when our neighbour was cleaning it, and there was one particular job which he did every couple of weeks.

One day I asked him why he always had to clean this particular area, especially when there wasn’t much rain and he explained what I’ve always thought of scientifically as ‘The Principle of Stagnation’:

“Things stick to things that are stuck.”

The corollary of this is:

“The more movement there is, the more freely energy circulates and the healthier the system is.”

OK, so what he actually said was, “That’s where the pipes that feed the birdbath block the circulation of water, and if I don’t keep peeling off the moss and weed the whole pond gets stagnant, the fish die, and my neighbours complain about the smell.”

Are You Satisfied with Where You Are Now and the Direction You’re Heading?

The statistics are scary. Some studies suggest that more than 80% of the world’s population are leading ‘lives of quiet desperation’. Panic, pandemic, and social distancing suggest that that number is only going to increase in the coming months.

‘Away from’ motivation is a big part of this problem. If my only goal is to relieve my loneliness/pain/sadness etc. then there are any number of solutions I can consider. Drugs, alcohol, medication, aggression, suicide are appealing solutions when you’re heading for escape. They’re not such great options if your goal is a satisfying relationship, happy family, opportunity to help others, health, etc.

This is just as true in business as in life. I can tell almost instantly what level of business satisfaction and success you are experiencing by what you say about your sales, your staff, your clients, and more. Give me a few extra minutes and I can tell whether you and your staff can turn things around if given the opportunity.

The good news is that attitudes can change… And so can your results.

Where Do You Want to Go?

In February 2020 (right before the Covid-19 shutdown really hit hard), I was talking to a prospective client. Simon had already seen the writing on the wall about the economic impact that was about to shut his industry down and he was desperately discouraged and just thinking about how to minimize the damage.

It was the first time I’d met him, so it took me a little while to work out whether he was truly just thinking about the impact on his staff and clients, or whether he really wanted to discuss possibilities and action plans for the future. It turned out that he did and we have not only been able to generate a fairly decent continuing sales pipeline as well as turn some exciting opportunities into money in the bank for years to come…

He came in with determination, we worked together on a vision that provided him with the energy and roadmap to create abundance.

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