Step Out of the Box: Creating Change

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“Ideas confer power, and power causes change.”

~ Chandell Labbozzetta

Do You Believe That a Solution Exists Even if You Can’t See One?

Emily was immersed in her problems and believed that the only possible to solution was to endure her situation (with no end in sight) or take her own life. She was so convinced that this was true that it never even occurred to her to speak to anyone about any of the things that were going on at home or at work.

Her manager had invited me to run an in-house NLP course for his executive and sales team and during one of the exercises her state of mind was revealed. We were talking about finding solutions to problems and the ways in which people respond when they lose hope in the possibility of a solution. I noticed that Emily, who had been engaged throughout the course, was suddenly hyper-attentive as I taught about using linguistic techniques to explore new approaches to familiar problems and as we moved into an exercise I kept a close ear on her group.

The exercise they were doing involved an observer, a practitioner, and a subject who presented a problem. Emily started out as the observer, then went on to display a great deal of skill as the practitioner, before taking her turn as the subject. The problem she shared with the group was clearly a genuine problem, but equally clearly only the teensiest glimpse of the underlying issue.

At the end of the exercise, she asked if we could talk privately.

As she told me, “I suddenly realised when I heard you teach this topic that I was trapped in my own thinking. When I used the technique you taught on Sam and then experienced it myself, I wondered if I was missing something about my situation and I started to believe that there must be a solution to my problem that I hadn’t thought of yet.”

Realising that a constructive and creative  solution must exist gave Emily the hope she needed to look at her situation differently.

You Cannot Solve a Problem with the Level of Thinking that Created It

If we look at history… The history of nations, science, civilisation, economics, social, fashion… it’s easy to see that everything runs along pretty much unchanged and then suddenly something comes from outside and the thinking and solutions leap forward into a new state of normal.

It’s easier to see when we look back than when we are bang smack in the centre of a crisis which is why history is such a potent teacher.

At this very moment, we are caught up in a storm of crises that threaten us with potential drastic consequences. As long as we rely on the kind of thinking that created them we will be stuck in a cycle of one-step-forward-two-steps-back consequences so we need to look outside the traditional approaches.

This takes courage. It takes openness to change and to the possibility that we might need to think quite differently in many areas of life. Often, this doesn’t happen until people are truly desperate… Or until they come into contact with people who have already developed a different approach and ‘jumped out of the box’.

Finding Effective Solutions

The main reason why truly successful people in all areas of life hire coaches is so they can access a different level of thinking and solution-finding.

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” – and ignorance will always limit our progress, our possibilities, and (often) our dreams. We cannot see our own blind spots and so we constantly need to be exposed to people who will challenge our

  • Thinking & mindset;
  • Habits & behaviour;
  • Goals & dreams;
  • As well as the underlying assumptions.

Your current way of thinking has brought you to this place of awareness that there is something more… a problem to be solved. You need outside help to help you find and implement the solution.

That help can come from:

  • Books and media
  • Courses
  • Peers
  • Mentors
  • Coaches

Your choice will be influenced by the urgency of your need for a solution, your other commitments, and your resources. Any of the above solutions can be effective, the principle goal is to open yourself to *new approaches and new ways of thinking that are outside of your current ones.

 *“NEW” here, does not necessarily refer to temporal recency. It is new-to-you-thinking. Some of the most transformative out-of-the-box thinking is based on ancient wisdom.

NLP Mastery Academy

On June 15th 2020 we’re starting our first online NLP Mastery Academy group intended to empower students to dive more deeply into the powerful applications of the NLP techniques and teachings for everyday life.

The biggest challenge that most students of NLP face isn’t learning what the techniques are. It’s discovering how to use them to empower themselves and others at work, at home, and at school to increase energy and enhance their performance, relationships, and results. As we meet fortnightly to learn or refresh our knowledge about the techniques and explore their uses we know that we will see the positive effects in all areas of life.

If you’re interested in learning more about this course, email Use this subject: “Please tell me more about the NLP Mastery Academy” and tell us about your goals and NLP background in the email.

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