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  • From Transactional to Transformational Leadership: Key Strategies for Team Success 12/04/2024
    From Transactional to Transformational Leadership: Key Strategies for Team Success Adjusting Your Leadership Compass Think about the last time you were part of a team rather than its leader. Did you feel like a cog in a machine, or did you feel empowered, valued, and driven to innovate? The way you felt about the situation […]
  • Boost Sales Performance: 15-Minute Mental Exercise & Strategy Guide 28/03/2024
    Uplevel Your Sales and Influence Potential in a Quarter of an Hour Imagine if you could enhance your sales performance with just a quarter of an hour’s investment each day. Now imagine using the same technique to increase your influence and ensure others pay close attention to everything you say and the ideas you put […]
  • Developing a Resilient Sales Mindset: How Life Puzzle’s Training Can Accelerate Your Sales 08/02/2024
    Competitive Markets Call for Greater Sales Skills In today’s competitive market, service businesses in Australia face new challenges in differentiating themselves while consistently exceeding customer expectations. We are faced with a global market, so customers have more choice than ever before, and the economic uncertainty makes prospects more likely to hesitate before committing to a […]
  • Sales Training for Australian Businesses & Teams 30/01/2024
    What’s Unique About Sales Training in Australia? Every country has its own unique culture, and Australia is no different in this. Popular sales training tools and techniques from the US and Europe don’t always work here – which is why Life Puzzle’s sales training focuses on developing people rather than teaching techniques. Actually, the landscape […]
  • Unlocking Success: Why Soft Skills Training is a Must for You & Your Team 21/12/2023
    “The ability to deal with people is as important as being able to read, write, and count.” ~ John D. Rockefeller If you own a business – or if you are a professional and want your career to progress – the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively is a necessary skill. At Life Puzzle, when […]
  • 5 Reasons Why Your Managers Struggle to Motivate their Team and How We Can Change That 24/11/2023
    In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to effectively motivate a team is more critical than ever, especially for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) aiming for rapid growth or transfer of ownership. Many founders see their managers struggle with this aspect of leadership, which not only stalls their growth trajectory, but also makes leadership transition […]
  • Do Words Matter? The Power of Language in Leadership and Sales 17/10/2023
    In a world where casual conversations abound and words are seemingly tossed around like leaves in the wind, it’s easy to believe that language holds little significance – until you run foul of cancel culture. But is that really all we need to worry about? The notion that words are mere fleeting expressions is misguided […]
  • The Power of Human Communication in an AI-focused World 21/08/2023
    “Your prospects and clients have their BS detector on high alert these days. The old adage, ‘people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’ has been heightened by the growing fear that you might not even be talking to a human being. The service businesses thriving right now are […]
  • How to Win Friends and Make More Sales: 5 Secrets To Getting People To Like You 25/07/2023
    “Did you know that the #1 reason people don’t ask for a sale is not because they don’t think the product or service, they are selling is valuable?… It’s because they are afraid their prospect doesn’t like them enough to buy.”~ Chandell Labbozzetta Liking Really DOES Matter in Business One of my early sales mentors […]
  • Mastering the Art of Authentically Human Sales in an AI World 06/07/2023
    “The greatest sales people in the world respect their buyers and leave them feeling confident that they have just made a fantastic decision that will help them achieve their goals more easily.”~ Chandell Labbozzetta The Impact of AI on YOUR Sales Numbers and Influence AI is actually something of a red herring. The truth is […]

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