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  • The Dark Art of Psychological Pricing Strategy 17/05/2022
    “Psychological pricing involves far more than just presenting value. It also involves knowing your buyer better than he knows himself.” ~ Chandell Labbozzetta What Does Psychological Pricing Entail? I’d like you to think very carefully about the above question because it is absolutely critical to your understanding of psychological pricing and why people do – […]
  • How To Increase Sales 13/04/2022
    “When your sales strategy depends on scripts rather than relationships and communications, any challenge or economic change can quickly become a crisis.” ~ Chandell Labbozzetta How to Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate When your sales team and management focuses on tactics rather than strategy, you start to see the onset of what I call “Sales […]
  • Pricing Strategy Hacks to Boost Sales 23/03/2022
    “The easiest way to maximise your profits is to get the perfect balance between price and value. Do that, and your price elasticity is close to infinite.” ~ Chandell Labbozzetta How Do You Determine the Value Your Service Delivers? The higher the perceived value of your product or service, the easier it is to charge […]
  • Pricing Strategies to Increase Sales In Service Businesses 11/03/2022
    “You shall not pass!” ~ Gandalf the Grey What is a Pricing Strategy and Should I Use One? When I ask many service business owners what their pricing strategy is and how they arrived at their current prices, I’m usually greeted with an embarrassed silence followed by answers like: My pricing strategy was developed by […]
  • What Does It Really Take to Move to the Next Level in Your Business? 10/02/2022
    “When I thought about building and training my team and all the hoops and processes I would have to follow I was overwhelmed. It wasn’t until I met someone who turned that nebulous list of ‘this is what you need’ into a structured system for doing it that my hiring and training became easy.” `~ […]
  • An Inconvenient Truth About Your Sales 06/12/2021
    “When Marla stopped thinking that other people needed to change to fit in with her preferences and accepted that she was the only person whose transformation she could control, opportunities sprang out of nowhere and came rushing to her.” ~ Chandell Labbozzetta You Are Getting the Results You Deserve! Last week I was talking with […]
  • Murdering Your Sales 11/11/2021
    “Neediness kills sales faster than anything else. Find out why you feel needy and deal with it!” ~ Chandell Labbozzetta The Confidence Killer… I was looking through some old presentation files the other day and came across a slide with the title, “The Confidence Killer” and an image of a vampire just about to bite […]
  • Confidence = Your Key to Success 04/11/2021
    “Researchers can predict who the winning bid will belong to without ever hearing any of the pitches.” ~ Chandell Labbozzetta Why Does Confidence Affect Your Sales? I was reading the work of some eminent US researches on Predicting Success and Personal Power and I discovered that there are tools and studies out there that objectively […]
  • If You Focus on What You Want… 06/10/2021
    “Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.” ~ Paulo Coelho THEN… Your Energy and Confidence Will Drive Your Actions As yet another challenging year draws to a close, it’s essential […]
  • Did You Ask for the Sale? 29/09/2021
    “No-one can read your mind! Half the time you don’t even know what you are thinking, so how do you expect anyone else to do so!” ~ Chandell Labbozzetta You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take I was talking to Vera, one of my closest friends, the other day and she was complaining […]

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