It works! So why did I stop doing it?

New Way Vs Old Way

“Many people start doing things. Successful people actually keep doing them as long as they’re effective.”

~ Chandell Labbozzetta

Transformation vs Change

Tom called me one day to ask when my next “7-day Results Transformation Challenge” would be taking place.

He took the Challenge last year and suddenly had all the qualified clients he could manage… And a waiting list. As he put it a few weeks later, “I’m set, Chandell! Thanks to you I’ve got a 9 month pipeline and my business has been transformed.”

So, when he called, I asked him what had changed since we last spoke…

“Well, I need more clients. My business has grown, my expenses have grown and although most of my clients are staying with me I need to keep adding more. I really grooved on the daily tasks and interaction and I know your plan works.”

You see, Tom’s business was temporarily transformed by his strategic actions… But deep down, nothing had really changed.

Tom’s story isn’t unusual, lots of people take my challenges, have their best month ever, and then find themselves back on the rollercoaster of feast and famine. Even though they know how to create success, they don’t necessarily keep doing the things that create it. That’s where systems come in.

Creating Lasting Change

If you want to create lasting change, you need to put in place systems that will keep you doing the things that are required to succeed and keep those sales rolling in.

That’s why I developed Confident Conversion: 90 days to More Cash, More Clients, More Impact. The program is designed to walk you through the process of creating structures and systems that turn short-term transformation into lasting change.

When Tom enrolled in Confident Conversion and started following the plan he discovered that it was easy to keep on with the actions that delivered results. Unlike last year where he filled his pipeline and then coasted, he now has a system (actually a series of systems) in place to attract leads, qualify them, close sales, and follow them up to increase long-term retention.

The difference is incredible! Because systems help you keep doing the things that work as long as they’re effective and give you standards by which to measure your progress.

“As Long as They are Effective!”

I hope you noticed that significant phrase.

At the same time that Tom set up his systems, he set up tools to measure his results. Mostly, he’s measuring inputs the things HE controls, but he’s also looking at how long they take, how much energy they demand, and the results they deliver.

Strategically measuring these things has allowed Tom to direct his efforts. He knows that some of his sales and marketing activities are ‘slow-burn’ activities and others deliver fast results but don’t last as long. Over the months, he’s been able to determine what brings in his ideal clients and customers so he’s doing more of those and cutting out some other activities that aren’t as effective.

Measuring and Reviewing his results means that he has data to guide his decisions… In fact, last month he was about to cancel a program that he had grown tired of executing when he realised that it delivered almost 38% of his most qualified leads. He didn’t just keep that initiative running, he doubled down on his efforts in that area.

Pipelines Relieve Stress

Systems. Predictions (accurate ones). Pipelines… They’re all big de-stressers and stress-relievers and these days, we can all benefit from taking some of the stress off our shoulders.

If you are running from one crisis to the next in your lead flow and sales conversions then you need to do two things:

Build a robust pipeline or waiting list so you can confidently plan your cashflow; and
Create a sales system that guides you through the weeks and months of activity, relieving you of the need to depend on your ‘hustle-skills’.

Not only will these two things make your business more sustainable and less stressful, it will also enrich your relationships (because you’ll have more time and energy for them) and improve your lifestyle.

If you need some help with setting up these systems, OR, if you are wondering if you couldn’t improve even further, then consider signing up for Confident Conversion: 90 days to More Cash, More Clients, More Impact and shifting everything (including your peace of mind and ability to relax) up a notch or two!

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