Change Your Angle, Change Your Outcomes

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“Energy flows where attention goes so focus on what you WANT to see realised.”

Angles, Perspective, and Results

One of my hobbies (and teaching techniques) is drawing. When you are drawing something or composing a picture (or a photograph) it’s fascinating to see how what you see and the meaning you attach to it changes when you look at the same subject from different angles or perspectives. When you move close to a glass of wine and look up through the bulb it looks quite different from the way it looks when you back away and set it behind a vase of flowers or something else.

This principle is equally true when it comes to the angle from which you view events, people, and circumstances. A new angle provides new insights, learnings, and opportunities.

Several months ago, I attended a personal development course and we were exploring our attitudes and reactions through a series of games that challenged us to shift our focus. The exercise forced me to look at particular behaviours from a different angle, and that caused my behaviour to change… in an empowering way.

What fascinated me, is that the change was brought about not by focusing on the behaviour itself, but simply by shifting my point of view.

This is just as true in my coaching and sales training courses. Sometimes a person will come in with the ‘been there, done that, teach me something new’ attitude.

I love that! And what gives me even more joy, is at the end of the session or quarter, when they say, “I may not have learned anything that is stunningly new, but the way you helped me see and do things has transformed my outcomes and made selling effortless.”

Deep Cleaning Does Wonders

Most years I run a workshop early in January to help people release the previous year and set themselves up for the new year. One of the most powerful sections of this workshop is the one that uses Time Line Therapy® practices to release the emotions and limiting beliefs that many people picked up over the past 12 months.

This year, that practice was especially transformative given the turmoil of 2020 (global pandemic anyone?) and the uncertainties we still face at the start of 2021.

This makes complete sense when you think about it.

You know how, when you are applying those 3M sticky pads to a surface, or putting a screen protector on your phone, they instruct you to clean the surface thoroughly first?

If you ignore those instructions, things don’t work out so well – the adhesive doesn’t stick as well or else there are annoying bumps and irregularities on the screen that don’t show up until after you’ve applied the protector, but then they are incredibly obvious.

Well, your goals and plans are like that, too. When you acknowledge and clean up the negative emotions and failures, affirm your positive results and progress, and celebrate your wins, it’s like cleaning the surface before applying a new screen protector or placing a sticky pad: you can see more clearly and plan and act more decisively because you have more angles to view from.

How Could this Be Different?

As I’ve been discussing goals, planning, and habit practices with business owners and sales professionals over the years, I’ve noticed a few common approaches that you may recognise:

  • Everything is changing so fast that systems, plans, and habits are only marginally helpful – you really need to do everything on the fly and you’ll be disappointed if you have clear goals;
  • There is so much turmoil and uncertainty around that you need to exert iron control over the only thing you can – your routine and habits must be set in stone and your plans and goals non-negotiable;
  • There are no guarantees about anything, especially in business so I’ll just do what I feel like and hope it works out;
  • I know that what worked before will work again, so I’ll just keep on doing it even if I don’t see the results I’’m used to seeing.

Actually, there’s a place for most of these attitudes in your success – the challenge is to get the right mix and you can only do that if you are able to see from a variety of perspectives.

What’s Stopping You Cold?

Often there is just one thing that is stopping people from achieving their goals. Usually, it’s something that other people can see, but you can’t.

It might be a:

  • Habit
  • Relationship
  • Limiting belief
  • Lack of skill
  • Lack of resources
  • Mistaken focus
  • Distraction of overwhelm

In my experience, it’s usually something that you are completely unaware of, because as soon as you become conscious of this particular thing, it ceases to be a problem.

Nathan couldn’t work out why he kept getting appointments with people, but was never able to close the sale until we worked together while his colleagues were easily able to sell to the same prospects. By the end of the first session, I knew why he couldn’t see the product: every unrehearsed word that came out of his mouth screamed, “This is way overpriced!”

He didn’t have a clue about what he was really communicating until I pointed it out to him. Once he saw that, he was ready to drop his attitude about ‘lousy prospects’, ‘poor sales scripts and tools’, and ‘no money’ and he quickly became the company’s star sales person.

What Will You Do?

You can blame your misfortunes and lack of success on other people.

You can get angry with the WHO, the universe, and your political leaders.

You can grit your teeth and keep doing the same old things.

You can quit.


You can find different ways of seeing, new angles and approaches to old problems, and solutions that really work and make selling effortless.

Sometimes, you need to learn from someone new because your existing teachers have become too familiar. Sometimes you need to make an appointment and sit down with an experienced coach or mentor who will help you see old problems in new ways. Sometimes, sitting with a group of people like you and hearing their problems, perspectives, and solutions are what it takes to get unstuck.

If you’re interested in a new approach my program, Confident Conversion: 90 days to More Cash, More Clients, More Impact, offers 3 different levels of engagement.
Schedule a call to learn which one is best suited to your needs.

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