Celebrating Your Wins

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“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

~ Joseph P. Kennedy

Resilience and Flexibility

Sometimes when you look around it seems as though everyone is suffering and the business world around the globe is just going to shut its doors and shrivel up, but that is just one segment. Behind the scenes there is a lot of business going on even though some industries have been beaten to their knees.

I don’t want to minimize the challenges that come with a seismic shift like the one we’re facing just now, but I do want to encourage you… It’s not the whole reality. Many companies are doing extremely well and their products are sold out at full price!

Here’s why that’s good news for you even if your business is closed or struggling for survival: the businesses are looking for suppliers and their employees are continuing to purchase goods and services to keep pumping money into the economy.

I get it!

That doesn’t seem like great comfort. BUT… it does challenge you to find ways to get yourself and your business back on your feet so that you can demonstrate your resilience and flexibility.

The Person / System with the Most Flexibility Wins…

That’s a core Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) principle that every business should take to heart. A few months ago winning business was easy. Everyone was feeling confident, cashed-up, and ready to spend. Suddenly, it seems as though many people are feeling insecure, cash-poor, and holding back on all expenses.

Whether you’re a winner or a loser in the present economy, I want to remind you that your flexibility at this moment is always the basis for your future success.

I strongly believe that what we’re seeing is like the rocking of one of those Russian nesting dolls with rounded bases: when you give it a push, it rocks wildly and seems as though it will topple over, then it slowly returns to stasis. Going into lockdown has created that wild rocking motion, but things are returning to a new normal… even some hospitality-based businesses are seeing an uptick in opportunities. The key is your mindset and your willing to flex and respond to both the stop signals and the go signals.

That flexibility is at the heart of developing resilience and laying the groundwork for your future success.

What’s the Point?

I was talking to a friend who is struggling with depression in the face of all the challenges that have just hit… Not chronic depression, just a heavy pall over her spirit that doesn’t go away and the sense that there’s no point even getting out of bed since there’s nowhere to go and work to do.

I’ve been there myself and I know how hard it is to stay positive in the midst of that dark spiral.

BUT… I also know that you can choose what to focus on. It seems unnatural, and it’s not necessarily easy to tear your thoughts towards something positive which is why I love the way NLP teaches us to control our state. I shared how to do that with my friend, and also challenged her with some basic actions to take each day (starting with setting her alarm and getting up to exercise when it goes off). Yesterday, she called me to say that it’s helped… She even set herself some additional goals to reach and set up a chart to check them off each day.

Measurement is Your Friend

You can’t celebrate wins if you don’t measure anything. That’s what my friend discovered.

By setting goals and also creating a system of measuring them she gave herself grounds to celebrate… And that created a positive spiral of action and reaction.

What about you?

What are you measuring?  Are you celebrating your achievements (large and small)? Or do you let them slide past?

This is a critical encouragement when things are tough. It’s equally important when everything is going well because it builds that habit of assessing your own performance so that you can both celebrate and challenge yourself because this is the habit that contributes to both resilience and flexibility.

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