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Have you ever wondered why you seem to keep going around in circles while others surge ahead?
You are disciplined, diligent, hard-working and motivated…
but somehow you never quite ‘make it’ to your destination.

A H.O.W.T.O. Session is like clearing
and weeding your garden after months
or years of neglect, or like cleaning out your wardrobe. When you:-

… then, suddenly, your life opens up. Your dreams become possibilities and opportunity knocks on your door daily.

Maybe you can’t imagine how 90 minutes of strategic questioning can trigger such a transformation, but that’s because you don’t know what you don’t know until you experience it yourself. It’s true that many people continue with other coaching and interventions like Time Line Therapy® to cement the effects of the H.O.W.T.O. Session, but it’s not essential.

This is a paid session. We get right to work the minute your appointment starts and it includes 90 minutes of intense questioning and response. Unlike many therapies this doesn’t involve you sharing many personal details of your problems. I’m more interested in discovering how you ‘do’ your problem so we can change the strategy, because (as you already know) we can’t undo the past, but we can change how you respond in the present and create a different future.

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Ready for Transformation?

P.S. If you don’t think you’re really ready for change, maybe you’d like to start with the free Deep Dive Discovery Call and get your ultimate SWOT Analysis.

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Hi, I’m Chandell,

After more than 15 years of working with clients and refining my H.O.W.T.O. process it still sends thrills down my spine when someone says, “Chandell, I feel like a new person, and all we’ve done is the H.O.W.T.O. you haven’t even sent me the coaching plan.” because I have a foreshadowing of all the exciting things that they are about to create in their life.

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