7-Day Results Transformation
Challenge: 10x Your Results In
7 Days

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7 Day Results Transformation Challenge 10x your results in 7 days!
$297 AUD
$100 AUD = $70.00 USD

If you have wondered why…

Then you have probably asked yourself
what it would take to…

And… Maybe

…you’ve decided that it’s just not possible. Or at least… not for YOU.

BUT… Do you really want to live with that
decision? OR… Are you ready to
transform into the successful person that
you KNOW is hiding inside waiting to be
set free?

Any person can change. Dramatically. Visibly. Rapidly. Yes… it takes commitment and work. But the results are infinitely greater than your investment…

In fact… You can 10x Your Results in any area in just 7 Days

… using proven techniques that lay the foundation for long-lasting change and enable you to take back control of your life.

Over the past 3 months it seems as though everything has conspired to rob us of control of our lives and introduce change (mostly by taking away the things that we value). That’s why NOW is the perfect time to take stock of where you are and where you want to be and get back in the driver’s seat of your life.

This 7 Day Transformation Challenge is tailored to get you back in control, and keep you there!

How Does It Work?

Each day for 7 days you’ll get a new video and some homework that zones in on each of the key areas that are stopping you from getting the results you want.

Consistent and measurable results! We are going to take a hard look at how you are building your workflow. A detailed program with daily videos, workbooks and focus areas.

You’ll discover how to:

Day 1: Clarity & Purpose

  • A detailed framework on what to expect and how to play at 100%
  • A focus on Values (Why we do what we do)
  • Away from vs toward thinking

Day 2: Creating Lasting Change

  • Action = Motivation
  • Habits, Rhythms, Milestones and Meaning
  • NLP Model of Communication and how this ensures we create lasting change

Day 3: Assessment & Vision: Personal

  • The Business of You (it’s more important than you think)
  • Psychology, Physiology and Perception and the feedback loop
  • The Universal Model of Change: How you get to the next level

Day 4: Assessment & Vision: Business & Career

  • Why you can’t improve what you don’t see
  • The Gift of Feedback (Start seeing feedback as Good news, rather than Bad!)
  • How to get out of the busy being busy loop and start being productive!

Day 5: Plans, Metrics & Outcomes

  • The Power of No and how to stop putting things in the way of your results
  • The 4 Steps to Learning and knowing what you don’t already know
  • Simplicity X Consistency = Results

Day 6: Creating Momentum

  • How to get the ‘cream’ and keep it coming
  • Energy flows where attention goes and how to get this working in your favour
  • The process of Pacing & Leading: getting your goals into YOUR timeline

Day 7: Commitment & Accountability

  • The Judging UP Process: Stop the comparisons!
  • “In The Process of Becoming”: harness the power of the Goals you have set
  • How we tie it all together to keep you moving forward

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return the product and get a full refund within 30 days from the purchased date.

Get Ready to Transform and Get Out
What You Put In

Picture it, it’s December 31st 2021:

…you have spent the year working hard and you are celebrating your achievements and enjoying the rewards you have earned!
Yes, 2020 threw you some curveballs. In fact, not much turned out the way you expected… BUT

Right now looking back… you wouldn’t change much at all. You are healthier, happier, and more prosperous than you would have believed possible at the start of the year.

Sounds too good to be true?

Using this exact program over the past few months students have…

Will you join us and reclaim 2022 now?

Your Itty Bitty Sh**ty Committee (the group of people who sit on your shoulder and tell you you can’t have what you want) might be telling you that it is ludicrous to expect more in 2020 than you have achieved before… given what is going on around us. And that is the very reason that you NEED to join the 7-day Transformation Program today and SILENCE it forever!

If you’re serious about taking control of yourself and your outcomes, then I look forward to seeing you on the other side…

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About Your Trainer
Chandell Labbozzetta

Author, international trainer and speaker, and motivational coach. Chandell excels at equipping people with the business systems and beliefs required to create a profitable business that generates the income needed to fulfil your dreams while making a difference in the world. Chandell has worked with large organisations such as KPMG and REGUS as well as many smaller organisations growing sustainable businesses which deliver outstanding results.

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