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Remember that day you decided to start your own business, how excited you were and probably had tonnes of other emotions running through your head, but deep inside you knew it was the right thing to do. You worked as hard as you needed to all of this as to ensure that your business would take off. You would celebrate your wins and push through the losses and things just started to happen….

So the next logical step was to get some help in your business, you had the clients but you realized you were probably spending far too much time on things that were not making you money. So here you go finding some help. I mean how hard can it be?

You know what you want and within no time you have hired your first employee. Your new employee is perfect and as a bonus the new employee is also nice. You spend time together and explain what needs to be done and off you go.

You are growing your business and at first the employee seems to be going okay and so you give the new employee more things to do, you can’t believe your luck! But as time passes things don’t seem to be going that great and even though you keep telling your employee to step up nothing really seems to happen so you decide to do it all yourself just to ensure it gets done right. What could have possibly gone wrong?

Now this might not be entirely you and if it is not you you might know someone like this. So what happened? Finding the right staff is not just a matter of hiring someone you like, it requires a certain amount of skills and if not done properly will cost you as the business owner not only lots of time and money but can also damage your reputation.

Consider the following 5 things before hiring a new employee:

  1. Be clear:– Write down a list of what skills are required and what you expect this employee to do, be specific
  2. Target:- Be clear in your ad of who you are looking for
  3. Shoot:- Make sure you have a process in place to respond to the applicants, not responding in time could already have you start on the wrong foot and create a wrong image of your business
  4. Communicate:- Have a clearly defined recruiting process in place so the applicant knows how long the process will take and what is expected
  5. Action:- Once you find the perfect employee make sure you keep in communication with them, e.g. employment conditions, start date etc.

After all think about it, the reason why you are employing in the first place is to help you grow your business and make your business more profitable right? So make sure you don’t take any shortcuts in introducing one of the most costly resources into your business.

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