At this point in your conversation you want to reflect all the issues your prospect has highlighted as being important back to them.  You also want to discuss how your product or service addresses these issues and resolves the problems they are facing in detail.  This is not the time for a quick 5 point summary, but is a serious presentation of value. Your specific solution is what the prospect will buy, so  you need to remind them of the value that each part of the solution will bring to their business.

Price will enter the discussion, but if you have stacked the value up for them then they price will be seen in the context of the return on investment they can expect – and that return could be in many forms – financial, time, peace-of-mind.  Most quality buyers won’t make their decision on price alone.  Clearly price is a factor – sometimes a business just can’t afford your solution – but more often then not, if the value is stacked high enough and there is enough convincing proof that it works, then your prospect will find the money needed to purchase.

Pricing and payment plans are just one more way you can customise your solution to fit your prospect’s needs without diminishing your profitability.  You’d be surprised at just what people can afford when the payments are split over a few months or some other installment option.

In our Confident Closing Workshops we go over the importance of stacking the value when presenting your solution and helping your prospect to really experience the benefits your product offers.  After doing this exercise many of our students go away feeling that they are seriously under-charging their clients once they have stacked up the benefits.  Some of them have doubled or tripled their prices and found that they actually get more people taking up their offers.

Have you tried stacking up the value and tailoring your solution for your clients?  Did it change their responsiveness to price and their interest in your product or service?

Let us know in the comments.

Meta Description:  A tailored solution that solves my problem is almost irresistible for most people.  Generic solutions are harder to sell at all, and certainly don’t attract premium prices.

Presenting a Customised Solution

Now that you have built rapport, asked questions, and established your prospect’s need for your product or service it is time to propose a solution before asking for the sale.  This is where many businesses fall down and lose their way – they offer every client the exact same options and solutions.  This often comes from the excellent idea that you should ‘package’ your services so people understand exactly what they are getting.

The difficulty with this is that your prospect gets the feeling that you are more interested in off-loading whatever you happen to have in your wheelbarrow, than you are in solving their problem – and that makes them defensive and hard to convince.

The Goal of Your Solution

When you actually propose your solution to a prospect your goal is to for them to feel that you have just suggested the exact piece they need to complete their puzzle.  You want them to feel that you are proposing something that is tailor made for them, rather than a generic one-size-fits-all solution.  When you propose a solution that really ticks all their boxes and meets the needs they have pointed out to you, you signal that you have heard their problems.

It is still your pre-defined package, but you have matched it exactly to your prospects needs, and described it in their language.  Now they don’t feel that you have just grabbed a box out of your wheelbarrow and are trying to get them to buy whatever it is that you have too much of – now they feel it is designed exactly for them.  Perhaps you have swapped out some coaching sessions for a top-notch presentation they can use, or made another slight tweak that meets their need.  Maybe  you haven’t changed anything, but by listening and learning have simply described the package accurately in their own language.

Whatever you have done, they have heard you describe the perfect solution to their problem.  Do you think people will pay more for a tailored solution that exactly meets their needs, or for a generic solution with more features and benefits in it?  I can tell you that the tailored solution always appears more valuable in people’s eyes – just like people are ready to pay more for a meal at a restaurant than they are at McDonalds.

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