The Itty-Bitty-Shitty Committee Part 2 - Change Your Mind, Change Your Outcome

My last post talked about how the thoughts that run through your mind can sabotage your best efforts at business building.  You may have tried the exercise I suggested, and seen for yourself how the tape you are playing in your head affects the responses you get. Today I’d like to talk about the practical steps you can take to change your thinking patterns.

You may have come across the question, “How do I stop thinking about the elephant in the room?” And of course the answer is, “Think about something different.”

There are two key Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) ideas addressed here:- the first is that your unconscious mind doesn’t process negatives.  So when you say, “Don’t think about that!”  – whether it’s elephants, or your own lack of certainty regarding your product or service, you’re actually telling yourself to think about that negative thing.  Secondly, changing your thinking takes effort.

Your mind (both the conscious and unconscious parts) are rather like a track in the forest.  It takes regular use to wear a new path – and at first it takes effort to stop your mind from following the old, destructive path you want to change. 

Now, when I say ‘effort’, I really mean you need to make a choice.  Are your current thought habits serving your needs, or sabotaging them? If they are sabotaging your goals, then you need to decide what thoughts you’d like to replace them with, and make those positive thoughts and positive messages as powerful and visceral as possible.  It’s like using all five senses in our goal setting. Link to Blog #18 The more powerfully you visualise your positive messages and positive outcomes, the more powerfully they will be impressed on your unconscious mind, and the more they will drive your behaviour.

At first your mind will slip into those old, negative, self-sabotaging thoughts.  You’ll probably catch yourself indulging, and you might say to yourself, “What’s the problem with just sliding a little further down this track now I’m here.” Don’t! You are in control of your thoughts.  Maybe it will happen five times an hour, that you’ll have to pull yourself back from your old habits, and put those motivating pictures in front of yourself, maybe it will be even more often … but do it anyway.  Every time you let those negative thoughts control you, you’re wearing the path deeper and deeper.  Every time you change your mind, and put positive thoughts in their place you are wearing your new path deeper.  With perseverance, the positive thoughts will take over and your sales results will show the difference.

All Reality is Created in The Mind First … Then We Take Action Based on Our Belief

The pictures and narratives we create in our mind are important. If you are plagued with negative self-talk, self-doubts, and questions that are sabotaging your sales pitches then you need to create a vivid internal representation [Link to Blog #26, 27] of the outcome and procedure you want.

You’ll also want to be listening to audio books, music, and other inputs that reinforce the positive message you need to hear. Listen carefully to your favourite songs and programs and ask yourself, “Are these reinforcing positive thoughts, or negative ones?” Once you start consciously thinking about the messages you are filling your mind with, you may be shocked to find how negative they are.  Try putting yourself on a mental diet for 30 days:- cut out the News, all negative books, music and TV programming and replace them with positive materials:- read some history, read about heroes and over-comers, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Stephen Pressfield, listen to upbeat music or classical composers, read uplifting fiction, meditate, take time to visualise your successful outcomes … The point is to become conscious of your mental diet, because if you change what you put into your mind, you’ll change what you get out.

Belief is Not Enough!  Change Requires Action.

It’s like any worthwhile change you want to make in your life; you really have to take appropriate action, you can’t just believe it’s going to happen and then do nothing.  I know that in just about every room I speak to there are people who are busy creating belief, without taking any action, and when it comes to controlling your mind, it’s amazing the number of people who simply abdicate any responsibility.

We all get caught up in things that we could have done or should have done and it’s much easier to point the finger and blame someone outside ourselves, rather than to say, “Well, actually maybe I could have done X, Y, Z better.”   The problem with blaming external issues, is that you never learn anything, nothing ever changes and you get more of the same.   So energy flows where attention goes and the more you go over the reasons why something won’t happen, the less likely it is to happen.

The good news is that if your own thoughts are sabotaging your sales results, you have total control of them – so you have total control of the outcome. The more powerfully you visualise your positive messages and positive outcomes, the more powerfully they will be impressed on your unconscious mind, and the more they will drive your behaviour.  That’s also why a physical vision board that you see every day is a fantastic tool.  It acts as reinforcement for your goals, for your self-talk, and for every other facet of your thinking.

Meta Description:  You CAN control what you think about, and taking control of your thoughts can transform the results you get in business and life. 

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