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  • NLP: Your Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

        #TuesdayTips   Think about that for a minute … Don’t argue with it, just let it tumble around in your mind a bit, and reflect on the question “What if this is true?” Without energy, we stop living. Without energy your relationships fade, your career fades away, and your dreams die; breathe energy […]

  • NLP: Are You A Hostage To Your Own Excuses?

        #TuesdayTips   Have you ever noticed how easy it is to spend time with people who validate your own decisions and way of thinking? It’s a core principle of human behaviour that we prefer to hang out with those who share and reinforce our ideas and emotions. That carries over into the things […]

  • NLP Techniques: Change Your Mind, Change Your Outcome

        #TuesdayTips   The Itty-Bitty-Shitty Committee Part 2 – Change Your Mind, Change Your Outcome   My last post talked about how the thoughts that run through your mind can sabotage your best efforts at business building.  You may have tried the exercise I suggested, and seen for yourself how the tape you are […]

  • NLP for Business: You Don’t Trawl for Trout!

      #TuesdayTips   If you’re a fisherman, you know the importance of being in the location where the fish you are looking for hang out and having the right bait to attract them. In business it’s no different.  Once you have a vivid picture of exactly what type of person is your target market you […]

  • NLP for Business: What Is An Elevator Pitch?

          #TuesdayTips   The elevator pitch is one of the essential business tools you need.  It’s rumoured that the elevator pitch came out of the process screenplay writers used to get the attention of producers and directors in Hollywood.  They were so hard to book time with that script writers would go to […]

  • NLP for Business: There are Riches in Niches

        #TuesdayTips   Many businesses work within a single theme that has various elements and aspects to it.  The problem is that if someone asks you what you do, most people head for the biggest umbrella they can hide under and say something like, “I’m an accountant, (or a lawyer, or a teacher).” This […]