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  • The 5 Step Sales Process That Works

    #TuesdayTips I was about 14 when I started selling Nutrimetics to my friends at school.  They were polite and sort of interested but I didn’t get many sales during lunch hour.  A couple of them thought their Mums might be interested and held parties at home – and that was when my business really took […]

  • Becoming Friends With Your Unconscious Mind Is Not That Hard

        #TuesdayTips   I’ve already talked about the power of your unconscious mind [Link to Post], and how it influences your behaviour, so today I’d like to take a closer look at how we can become  friends with our unconscious mind and use it to help us achieve our goals, rather than blocking them.   […]

  • Communication, Filters, and Your Professional Relationships

    #TuesdayTips Our brain is assaulted by over 11million bps (bits per second) of information, but it can only process a tiny fraction of that – 126 bps to be precise.  So how do you decide which bits are worthy of attention?  That’s the role of your filters.  If you didn’t have filters, you would go […]

  • Assumption is the Mother of Misunderstanding! – Always Ask and Listen

    #TuesdayTips You probably know that not everyone shares your opinions about things, but have you ever thought just how often you make assumptions that lead to misunderstanding? I’m convinced that most of our communication and relationship problems stem from the assumptions we carelessly make.  Once a friend from Portugal came to stay with me.  She […]

  • Your Unconscious Mind Is Controlling Your Life – Does That Scare You?

    #TuesdayTips “90% of your life is controlled by your unconscious mind, And only 10% of your life is lived consciously!” When you think about it, that’s a scary statistic! You may think that you are in control of your life, but the reality is that the way you process information and respond to situations is […]