Chandell Labbozzetta Interview Clear Your Past, Create Your Future, Live In The Now
19 April 2019
48 mins

Clear Your Past, Create Your Future, Live In The Now

Have you ever struggled with anxiety in business? Or questioned your self-worth? Chandell Labbozzetta has.

She spent almost 20 years building a successful career in sales, corporate business development and marketing and has won a number of awards for her performance.

After a struggle with burnout and depression, she discovered neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and the answers to her issues with self-worth and achievement. Now, she’s a popular sales strategist coach, trainer, motivational speaker and author of the ‘Confident Closing Strategic Sales Model’.

Chandell used the model to grow a single business by 400% in just 6 months and now teaches the methodology to students and clients as Head of Training and Development at Life Puzzle.

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