When Would Now Be a Good Time?

Hand Turns Dice And Changes The Expression "do It Later" To "do It Now".

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”
~ Nelson Mandela

“Now is the only time you have to get back on track and work towards success.”
~ Teresa Labbozzetta

Why Do People Wait Until New Year to Create Change?

A few weeks ago, Andrew was panicking about his cash flow and sales. His team just weren’t closing the deals, all their most promising prospects had muttered excuses about ‘waiting until January’ to move forward, and he didn’t feel as though he could count on the outcome.

“I can’t afford to just sit around and wait and hope that things improve in January, Chandell. You taught me that. But I don’t know what else to do! If you think you can help me, I’d like you to start working with my team ASAP.”

If you’re in business, I’m sure you’ve heard this kind of response before and wondered what is going through people’s heads when they make that comment. After all, a successful business demands a proactive approach.

When I hear these words, I have a series of questions that help me discover what’s behind the delay and identify the real reasons. After all, if you’re seriously considering a key business purchase that will increase your profits or effectiveness in November, why would you wait until January to do so?

On the surface that suggests that either:

  • You aren’t sure about the value; or
  • You aren’t sure if you can afford it.
  • Neither of those issues are timing issues.

Here’s the question I worked on with Andrew’s team in our first sales team training.

Why Do People Wait Until New Year to Create Change?

We spent some time together working through scenarios and asked some hard questions about the clients, about the product they were selling, about outcomes and values, about handling objections, and about attitudes and beliefs. After that, Andrew’s team went back to those promising prospects again using an approach that we worked out together and closed 5 new clients – an even higher percentage than he had hoped for – and then moved onto some of the ‘not so hot’ prospects and got some results.

Suddenly, the end of the year looks extremely profitable and he’s looking forward to celebrating rather than worrying over whether his cash buffer will last until business picks up in February.

I teach this same method of building value and presenting your sales proposition in my Confident Conversion course and clients are astonished at how it increases their conversion rates even though they haven’t changed anything about the product’s price or elements, they’ve simply helped prospects see what not making a decision is doing to their business.

Why Not Now?

As I write this, we’re half way through November and many business owners and sales teams have already given up for the year. To be honest, that says more about them than about their prospects. Some of my clients do have highly seasonal businesses, but they don’t just sit around waiting for the next season to roll around. They are taking action in season and out of season… and it shows in their balance sheet!

Honestly, it’s mentally refreshing to start again on January 1st and I’m a big proponent of monthly check-ins to measure where you are against your goals and reset whenever necessary, but every week is a new week, every day is a new day.

So… If you need to dig in and finish a project, or you need to accelerate your sales to meet targets…

Why not now? Today?

What Are You Going to Do to Create What You Want?

“What do I need to do to make the next 2 months the most profitable and encouraging ones I’ve had this year?”

Last week I was talking to Jenni who was overwhelmed by the work she still needed to accomplish on a project. It felt impossible and, as a result, she was procrastinating and making things worse.

We sat down together virtually, discussed the project and problem, and did some Time Line Therapy® to clear away some of the mental blocks. She still needed to do the work (and because of her procrastination that involved some late nights), but once the miasma of inertia was swept away she was shocked at how smoothly it went.

When I talked to her after the weekend the project was completed to her exacting standards and she was on track with the next milestone as well.

Just like Andrew’s sales team, all it took was a mental reset, some hard thinking, and strategic work to get results that were way better than Jenni expected.

That’s true of almost any goal you set, or milestone you need to reach and the longer you delay taking action, the worse your problem becomes.

What are you putting off?

What investment, project, or goal are you delaying as you wait for a better time?

Just STOP IT! Now.

Confident Conversion: 90 days to More Cash, More Clients, More Impact

You may already know what you need to do, but lack the confidence and skills to move forward… Or perhaps you are confused by all the possibilities and not sure of the next steps. Confident Conversion is designed to address both the practical and mindset issues that are standing between you and the income and profits you would like to see.

If you’d like to take action today and reach your goals faster, then check out my online program. Like Andrew and Jenni, the answer may be simpler and results faster than you ever dreamed was possible.

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