Stop Being Invisible!

Lp Wp Stop Being Invisible

... Because it is Hurting Your Business

Harry Potter found his invisibility cloak extremely useful… but you don’t want to wear yours.

An invisible business is in big trouble. So is a forgettable business.

So, how do you make yourself and your business memorable?

The answer:

You reach out and tweak the emotional response of your target audience… just about any emotional response will do: anger, fear, insecurity, laughter, happiness, irritation, nostalgia…

Memorability Beats Sophistication

Do you remember any of the marketing jingles you heard years ago?

Every time I clean the bathroom I think of the Spray ’n Wipe ad that starts, “The cleaning it was easy, even though things were real greasy…” I can still hear my Mum singing it… frequently with a few variations that had my brother and I rolling on the floor squealing with laughter… and the laughter still wells up in me, too.

Maybe you remember, “We’re happy little Vegemites…” or “You’ll live much more, with a roller door…” or one of the others. Unsophisticated… maybe. Annoying… perhaps. Effective… definitely.

I’m confident that if I played a few bars of the jingle, I could get you to sing along. Even if you skipped a few words the product would be clear in your mind. I won’t even bet on the outcome, because that would be stealing. I’ve tried it at events and it works every time.

Does Your Pitch Evoke That Response?

It should. And to create that response, you need to strike an emotional chord, and you need to repeat your message regularly… long after you are sick of hearing it.

A response… any response is better than blank stares.

Look, successful politicians have their haters as well as their fans because they stand for something recognisable.

You will know that you’re really onto something that stands out when you start getting hate-mail as well as fan mail.

So the question is… when you share your sales message do you get polite responses or do you get enthusiastic interest and questions?

It’s often not until you start to think about how you want to make your ideal clients feel and what you can do to evoke that feeling that you come up with a marketing message that is truly memorable… because it evokes emotion.

Lead Generation

If you want to close more sales, then your best tool is to have a USP and Elevator Pitch that creates an emotional response in your prospect. Hey, if they throw up when you point out their problem it means you’ve struck a nerve… and they probably won’t forget you in a hurry.

When you focus on the primary emotion your ideal prospects need to feel just before they buy and craft a pitch that evokes that, you’ll get more opportunities to have meaningful sales conversations and that means you’ll end up with more sales.

Maybe you want prospects to feel:-

  • a sense of trust
  • warm, secure, and comfortable
  • challenged
  • angry or frustrated
  • confident
  • or….

Does your current USP evoke this kind of reaction? If not test new variations on every prospect and customer until you find a USP that does. Existing customers like to feel an emotional response too. If you meet this need, you’ll keep them longer. They’re also more likely to refer you to others if they feel enthusiastic (or even angry about their problem) than if they just feel a dogged neutrality.

“We buy on emotion…. Then we use logic to justify our decisions (especially to our spouse or business associates.”

Ask yourself:

  • If I heard my USP would I get excited about my offer?
  • Would it evoke curiosity & enthusiasm?

If not, it’s time to revisit your USP this weekend and add some emotional zing. Keep working on it until even your family members are fascinated when you tell them what you do.

It’s one of the first things that we work on in the 13-week Profitable Business Accelerator because it can quickly transform your sales closing rate from 20% or less into 80% or higher and immediately affect your profits.

You can learn more and find out when the next program is starting here:

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