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Would You Like a Baby Lobster for Dinner?

... I'm guessing your answer is , "No!" But if..

Would You Like a Baby Lobster for Dinner?

… I’m guessing your answer is , “No!”

But if lobsters didn’t get so desperately uncomfortable that they were willing to take radical action, then you’d never get to eat an enormous, succulent lobster for dinner.

If only people were like lobsters…

and used our discomfort as a stimulus to move forward and grow.

Most people go to the doctor when they are uncomfortable (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

UNTIL… our mental, emotional, or physical discomfort which is designed to provide momentum and get us up, moving, and taking action is dulled into oblivion by food, alcohol, TV, parties, or whatever other numbing agent we choose.

If You’re Always Comfortable, You’re Not Growing

You see, lobsters have soft and mushy bodies that are protected by a rigid outer shell. It’s not until they get so uncomfortable trapped inside this rigid shell that they are ready to take a big risk. Then they:

  • Hide under a rock,
  • Break out of their shell-prison,
  • Eat the shell that trapped them,
  • Which provides the resources to grow a new, larger shell,
  • Which they can expand into…

They don’t just do this once. They do it over and over again… and they are compelled to do it because they don’t have any drugs or medication to dull the pain of their confinement. If they didn’t do this, they would never grow large enough for us to eat.

Lobsters aren’t really the issue here, though.

You are!

Is Time the Real Culprit?

I often hear business owners complain about not having enough time and they’re looking for new tools techniques of time management when what they really need is to acknowledge that they are uncomfortable in the ‘shell’ that used to be so spacious and take some time to reflect.

I’ve noticed something else. There are two ways of coping with this discomfort:

  1. Step back from your busy-ness to reflect on why you feel so much pain and decide what to do next so you can keep growing and moving forward;
  2. Hide amongst your busy-ness and use that as an excuse to stay in your (increasingly uncomfortable comfort zone;

In other words, you can escape the discomfort and hide from it behind fancy toys, lavish vacations, a cluttered calendar, alcohol, exercise, medications, etc. Or you can face it head on and make decisions that will transform your life.

It’s not easy to take this kind of courageous step alone, that’s why I run various groups and courses to support people through their discomfort and keep them moving from one level of achievement to the next.

Are You Going to Cover your Discomfort… or Use it for Good?

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past, the question is, what will you do this time?

Pain is usually a sign that you’ve outgrown the things that got you where you are today. If you give yourself some time to reflect you’ll find goals you’ve outgrown, activities that no longer serve you… things you need to release and STOP doing… so that you make space for the new goals and activities that will take you on the next stage of your journey.

“Is the shell you are living in today, appropriate for the next stage of your life?”

Schedule time to revisit your goals and calendar this weekend.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have space in your life for growth and new projects?
  • Are their goals and activities that no longer serve you?
  • What 10% of my projects could I drop because they aren’t my current passion?
  • And join the private Sales Growth Accelerator group on Facebook so you stay motivated to keep pushing through the discomfort and making room for growth.

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Chandell Labbozzetta

Chandell Labbozzetta is a certified Trainer in NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis, a Master Time Line Therapy™ Trainer. Chandell’s purpose is to inspire confidence in others so THEY can make empowered decisions. Chandell, has held roles with large organizations such as KPMG and REGUS, has worked on Large Scale Events in the Events Management Industry and successfully built businesses within the Franchising Sector. With a talent for teaching people to be excellent sales people and confident public speakers, Chandell now shares with her clients the tools that enabled her confidently grow a business by 400% in just 6 months.

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