Discover what has changed and why NOW it is more important than ever for you to develop your sales skills and processes… Even if you aren’t in a typical sales role.

Chandell is a Master Sales and NLP Trainer and has her finger on the pulse of the changing face of Sales across a number of industries including IT & Software, Medical Services, Health & Beauty, Logistics and many more…

This 90 minute Q&A is YOUR opportunity to ask Chandell questions about:

  • The current sales environment
  • Your sales challenges and potential solutions
  • Ways to quickly supercharge your sales results and scale your business in the current climate

The past 12 months or so have been full of uncertainty, change, and turmoil. Every time you think that we’re back in a groove, there’s more disruption.

Many businesses have been forced to rethink their strategy and operations.

Every sales team has been forced to adjust their sales process and continuously adapt to the new circumstances both for themselves and their prospective customers… and we’ve seen what happens to trust and compliance when governments and businesses fail to do this effectively.

It is more important than ever for you to: 

  • Hone your communication skills
  • Authentically engage with your prospects, colleagues, family, and friends
  • Improve your ability to ‘read’ other people’s non-verbal signals
  • Integrate your words, actions, and non-verbal signals so your prospects and clients see your confidence, caring, and competence 

All the signs suggest that this new Financial Year will continue to provide us with challenge and change.

Static sales techniques (and that includes everything you need to sell your ideas, skills, and opportunities as well as products and services) WILL NOT WORK!

Erratic and random sales processes are sending opportunities to your COMPETITORS!

The sales people who are thriving in this environment have great people and communication skills as well as solid systems and processes to back them up.

The good news is… You can develop these skills and systems too and ride the front of the new sales wave.

Questions About Sales?
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Sales Success is Your Key to Growth in 2021 & Beyond

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Chandell Labbozzetta

Chandell Labbozzetta

Author | Speaker | Master Trainer of NLP and Sales

After 20+ years of training individuals and teams in sales, Chandell knows that you can have all the techniques, scripts, presentation tools, and practice imaginable… and STILL find sales success elusive. Her effortless selling methodology presents the missing piece.
Discover the difference that makes all the difference… and experience the joy of closing ANY KIND of sale.

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As I went through my own journey and faced challenges Chandell took me through a complete breakthrough. This process was absolutely invaluable.

I had several “a-ha moments” through each stage.

My thoughts unravelled, my mind became clear and I was able to create my own action plan. I am now executing that plan and on my way to achieve the results I want. 

Carla T


Life Puzzle provides amazing and accessible content. The relevance of information sees me using elements on a daily basis, months after the program concluded.

Chandell is a true star! Providing forthright advice in an empathetic manner that drives action and results, Chandell’s approach has underpinned my personal and professional growth. Simply; time spent with Chandell is time well spent.

Robert H


Chandell is a master of her craft.

I have been working with her for the past 12-months and will continue to do so well into the future.

Her coaching and guidance has helped us achieve over 100% growth during 2020 despite some of the world’s toughest business conditions of the modern era.

Truly transformational, with lasting impact and value

Adam H



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