5-Day Habit Transformation Course

Starting January 16th, @10am AEDT

The 5 Day Challenge returns in 2023…

if you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude. Colin Powell

Have the changes of the past year undermined your habits?

One message I’ve heard over and over agin, even from my most successful and high performing clients, is:

My constructive habits have taken a hit! Even the ones that I thought were hardwired into me by now. And along with the habits that supported them, my health, creativity, and productivity have declined. Please Chandell, help me get them back… and even help me create better habits.

If that sounds familiar, then… maybe you’d like to revisit your habits and make sure that they are the ones that will best serve your goals.

The 5-day Habit Transformation Course is designed to bring your hidden habits out into the light so you can evaluate them… AND then reinforce those habits that support your ambitious goals OR retire those that are undermining your success.

If you are a TRUE action taker, upgrade your registration for just $19.95 you can take part in this transformative work of self-transformation and create some additional momentum for your journey, with some extra tools from me. Wherever you are in the world, I think you’ll agree that the last 18 months have been stressful and challenging and you deserve some support as you adjust to the ‘new normal’ and copy with uncertainty and change.

When I first launched this course in December 2020, there was a meme going around on social media:

“I’m going to stay up on New Year’s Eve this year, not to see the new year in, but to make sure this one leaves.”

It was funny, but it was also sad… because it focuses on all the things we can’t control.

You can’t control macro events like…

You CAN control your response and resilience… by implementing habits that transform your outcomes

I bet you’ve done it before… because you wouldn’t be where you are today if you hadn’t.

And I’d like to help you do it again. Right now, before 2022 leaves us for good.

You see, I know the toll that this year has taken on people’s habits. Including people we all look up to as a shining success. I know it, because I’m working with some of them and I’ve heard about their struggles… and I also know that those people are just the tip of the iceberg.
There are plenty of others who don’t have the financial resources to invest, the time to observe themselves, or even the leisure to identify the problem.

So… Here’s a Habit Review!

All it takes is 20 minutes per day for 5 days…
Refresh your Habits…
Set you on a new track towards your goals…
as you identify and install the NEW HABITS you need for success.

WHAT? – a Free 5-day Habit Transformation Challenge to help you use the power of NLP and other techniques to discover where you are, what you need to change, and how to channel the power of habit to relieve stress on your mind, body, and emotions.

WHERE? – x5 on-demand videos with dedicated workbooks and resources to help maximise your success offered through our online Learning Portal. You can watch anywhere, any time, at your own pace!

WHEN? – Access starts immediately, Simply register by clicking the button above for instant on demand access

With the right habits… you can 10x your results in any area

 Using proven NLP techniques that enable you to take control of your mind, body, and emotions. And even affect your response to the things that you can’t directly control (like other people, policies, economics, and global pandemics).

It seems as though many things have conspired to rob us of control of our lives and introduce change (mostly by taking away the things that we value). That’s why NOW is the perfect time to take stock of where you are and where you want to be and build new habits that will prepare you for whatever comes next.

The Real Reason Habits Fail is When they Rely on Willpower.

Each day for 5 days you can watch on-demand as Chandell explores a key aspect of habit-building and exposes common pitfalls and proven techniques for creating the MINDSET, VISION, and ACTION that sets you up for habit-ful success and takes the strain off your over-strained will.

What We Cover in the Challenge:
Day 1

Habits That CREATE LASTING CHANGE Effortlessly

Day 2

Habits That Enhance Your Effectiveness & Creativity

Day 3

Habits that Reinforce Growth and Optimism

Day 4

Using Habit to Remove Friction and Fear of failure

Day 5

The Secret of Installing great Habits that last

Get Ready to Transform your Habits
Create extraordinary achievements in every area and Exceed your Expectations!
January 16-21, 2023 Daily @10am AEDT

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