The 90 Day confident conversion, our online course was an absolute game changer for me because I had lots of skills in my craft as an integrative life coach. But my business acumen was a little bit on the skinny side, getting in with Chandell. And learning how to do all of the parts of a business that I had no knowledge of, at that time, was like a profound change in whether I was going to sink or swim. So when we began, I didn’t actually even have a product, I was working on something and I’ve been working on it for ages and when I was questioned about it when Dell asked me if I would actually have it up within that 90 days, and I predicted that I probably wouldn’t. So I was encouraged to come up with a new product. And as much as that challenged me at the time, it got my business going in that 90 days it got me making money straight away. And now that product is actually my signature product and the other one I was working on is my down sell. So the program itself has been incredible for my business so much so that I like to stay with Chandell because she has been such a fantastic mentor. And has taught me so much about how to run a business and that stuff that doesn’t come naturally to someone like me. So it has been amazing. If anyone is thinking about doing that confident conversion course. I highly recommend it because it gets you thinking in new ways and gives you skills, a skill set that is really beneficial to anyone in any business.


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