Confident Closing Virtual Sales Masterclass

Confident Closing Virtual Sales Masterclass

ACCESS this masterclass from your home or office

Confident Closing Virtual Sales Training.
From Your Home or Office

We live in uncertain times. Tensions, fear, hysteria are mounting. All over the world travel is being suspended, people are being forced/encouraged to work from home as much as possible.
Many businesses are at a standstill… or wondering just how long they can keep their doors open. I’m talking to people who thought they were finally out of the woods… and now this has come and they feel as though they’re at the end of their tether!
But here’s reality. This isn’t the first time in history that people have had to face uncertainty, desperation, struggle… even here in Australia, native Australians, early settlers, and immigrants throughout have faced challenges like these. Some gave up. Most faced the challenges with courage and creativity, rolled up their sleeves, learned new skills, honed existing skills, and made a life worth living for themselves and their loved ones.

  • Live sessions with Master Sales Trainer Chandell Labbozzetta
  • Coaching and feedback on your message, sales pitch, and offer
  • Anywhere, on any device, without leaving the comfort of your home or office
  • Build the 3 tools you need to grow revenue and make sales
  • Get secret insights that will transform your results
  • Business thrives on confidence and the tools and strategies you learn are guaranteed to bust fear

Everything you need to RESET your mind, PREPARE for prosperity, and face the current uncertainty with RESILIENCE!
  • Build your sales toolkit
  • Bulldoze through fear
  • Bring opportunities to light

Your Confident Closing Virtual Sales Masterclass Paid Registration Includes:

  • Over 7 hours of real-time virtual training by Chandell Labbozzetta
  • Assignments, feedback, and Q&A sessions during the 4 days
  • Digital workbooks
  • Lifetime access to the recordings
Other Bonuses
  • 10 Ways to Create a Crowd of Hungry Buyers
  • ‘Perfect Your Pitch’ Elevator Pitch Tool
  • Online access to 7-Day Results Transformation Course (Overcoming Fear & Creating Freedom)
  • Confident Closing Audio Book & more!
don’t miss out on your bonuses!

Use This Time to Bulldoze Your Fears and Take Action!

register for THE virtual sales masterclass
Watch from your home or office
Get Sanity, Skills, and Inspiration
Confident Closing Virtual Sales Masterclass
One Registration
* We only want people who are serious about developing their skills and taking advantage of this PAID opportunity and we KNOW this method works so no refunds are offered.

This is for you if…

  • You want to close more sales with integrity, authenticity, and a service mindset;
  • You hate sleazy, manipulative sales tactics and want to feel congruent with your values while hitting your sales targets;
  • You want to deliver more value to your clients and make their lives better (but you can’t deliver value until they buy from you);
  • You struggle to sell your products or services;
  • You want to stay at the top of your sales game and keep learning and growing;
  • You are confused about why prospects don’t buy from you… because they sound as though they’re just about to;
  • You want to eliminate tyre-kickers and read your prospects better.

There are hundreds of reasons why you can’t set aside the time to attend this virtual event – especially when the economic climate is so uncertain. But I can tell you that when this passes… and it will… that your ability to close sales and influence people will make more difference to your ability to thrive than any other skill you have.
So why not take this opportunity to grow… RIGHT NOW?


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