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  • Flexible Communications Wins Every Time

    #TuesdayTips Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get on really well with almost everyone, while others are constantly complaining about the way other people treat them?  The answer probably likes in the flexibility of their communication system. I used to have a very fixed idea about how people who liked me would […]

  • Communication, Filters, and Your Professional Relationships

    #TuesdayTips Our brain is assaulted by over 11million bps (bits per second) of information, but it can only process a tiny fraction of that – 126 bps to be precise.  So how do you decide which bits are worthy of attention?  That’s the role of your filters.  If you didn’t have filters, you would go […]

  • Your Unconscious Mind Is Controlling Your Life – Does That Scare You?

    #TuesdayTips “90% of your life is controlled by your unconscious mind, And only 10% of your life is lived consciously!” When you think about it, that’s a scary statistic! You may think that you are in control of your life, but the reality is that the way you process information and respond to situations is […]

  • Energy Flows Where Attention Goes: When Attention Is A Bad Thing

    #TuesdayTips When we have a problem, we are constantly looking for a solution to that problem.  The difficulty with that is that energy flows where attention goes – so if we’re not careful we can end up having all our energy sucked up in experiencing the problem, rather than looking for a solution. When you […]

  • Taking S.M.A.R.T. Goals One Step Further

    #TuesdayTips You’re probably familiar with the concept of S.M.A.R.T. Goals – you may even have tried them and discovered that they worked well … or maybe you struggled to formulate your S.M.A.R.T. Goals properly and gave up. A S.M.A.R.T. Goal is: Specific – clearly stated in precise terms Measurable – you can tell if you […]

  • Why Glass Half Full Or Empty Is Nonsense

    Why Glass Half Full Or Empty Is Nonsense

    ost people in my community may be surprised to know that I am not a huge fan of “positive thinking. Before you get too carried away, let me tell you how I think about this and where it takes me. If I have a “positive thinking mindset”, I might say something along the lines of […]

  • Win-Win Sales Secrets

    Win-Win Sales Secrets

    The secret of effective sales lies, like so much else, in your unconscious mind.  We have a deeply engrained response to selling and salesmen that we take along with us whenever we go out to sell to others.  If you haven’t won the battle in your mind, then you’ll have serious difficulty actually making a […]

  • The Secret That Makes Your Goals REALLY Work For You

    The Secret That Makes Your Goals REALLY Work For You

    I talk to a lot people who have been setting goals for years, and who think it’s a nice exercise, but not really important.  That’s because their goals never really affect their lives.  They’re either so mundane that it doesn’t take any effort to reach them, so abstract that you’d never know whether you had […]