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  • NLP for Business: What Is An Elevator Pitch?

    #TuesdayTips The elevator pitch is one of the essential business tools you need.  It’s rumoured that the elevator pitch came out of the process screenplay writers used to get the attention of producers and directors in Hollywood.  They were so hard to book time with that script writers would go to the movie office and […]

  • Why People Buy and Why it Matters

    #TuesdayTips “I really think you’ll love this skincare product, it’s 100% plant-based and all the packaging is environmentally-friendly and …” “That’s not what I’m really looking for in my skin-care regime.  I want quick, easy, and effective.” was my response. “But …” And she’s lost me.  She didn’t listen.  Yes, I care about the environment, […]

  • Don’t Assume, Ask Questions

    #TuesdayTips I see sales people and business owners all the time who assume they know exactly what their prospects and clients want.  Sometimes they are right.  Sometimes not. If you think that people aren’t biting on the bait you’re putting out because you’re not getting the words right, think again.  That may be the reason, […]

  • How to Improve Your Sales Closure Rate

    #TuesdayTips This is the final part of a detailed look at the 5-Step Sales Process.  So far we have looked at the importance of :- Building Rapport; [Link to #20] Asking Questions; [Link to #21] Establishing Need & Value-Add; [Link to #22] Proposing a Solution; [Link to #23] – and now we will look at […]

  • The Art of Asking Questions and Uncovering What You Need to Know

    #TuesdayTips This post is part of a series filling out details on the 5-step sales process [Link to #16] Building Rapport; [Link to #20] Asking Questions; [ Link to #21] Establishing Need & Value-Add; [Link to #22] Proposing a Solution; [Link to #23] Closing the Sale. [Link to #24] I’ve listed them sequentially, but of […]

  • Selling Solutions

    #TuesdayTips The other day I was saddened to hear a parent say to their Scout leader, “I don’t want my child involved in selling items to raise money.  My child is no sales person, he’s a good boy.” I was even more startled to hear the Scout leader respond, “It’s OK.  This year we aren’t […]

  • The 5 Step Sales Process That Works

    #TuesdayTips I was about 14 when I started selling Nutrimetics to my friends at school.  They were polite and sort of interested but I didn’t get many sales during lunch hour.  A couple of them thought their Mums might be interested and held parties at home – and that was when my business really took […]

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