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  • NLP: Your Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

    #TuesdayTips Think about that for a minute … Don’t argue with it, just let it tumble around in your mind a bit, and reflect on the question “What if this is true?” Without energy, we stop living. Without energy your relationships fade, your career fades away, and your dreams die; breathe energy and attention into […]

  • Stop Beating Yourself! There Is No Failure Only Feedback

    “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison   #TuesdayTips Are you exasperated because you feel like you tried everything and it still seems like nothing works? Perhaps you have exhausted your resources and have sought advice from experts but your great idea just won’t take off? I often […]

  • Don’t say, “I’ll try”. Say, “I’ll do it!”

    Your resolve and the words you choose will give you what you want. #TuesdayTips “I’ll do it!” are probably the most powerful words you can speak. It means you will use all your resources at your disposal to attain a particular end. It declares a complete mastery of self. These words turn dreams to reality. […]