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  • NLP Techniques: Building Rapport Through Matching and Mirroring Behaviour

    #TuesdayTips Years ago when I was employed as a sales person, I attended a meeting with a gentleman.  From the moment I walked into the board room of this big corporate organisation, I immediately got the impression that he wasn’t really tuned in to anything I had to say.  As soon as I realised this, […]

  • Asking for Help and Reframing Issues to Build Rapport

    #TuesdayTips Three of the hardest phrases for people to say are: “I love you;” “I’m sorry;” and “I need help.”  It’s sad really, because I’m sure that if we could express our dependence on others, humble our pride, and admit our insufficiency they world would be a happier place.  “I love you,” tells other people […]

  • Bob, The Photocopier Man – An Ultra-Kinaesthetic

    #TuesdayTips Maybe you never make a buying decision on the basis of your personal response to the sales person.  I’ve had people say that to me, “All my business decisions are purely logical – I don’t need any of that rapport stuff!” And the next words out of the mouth are, “No, there’s just something […]

  • We All See The World Differently – Your Internal Representation System (Part 2)

    #TuesdayTips In my last post I talked about the importance of understanding how you see the world, and how other people see it in order to communicate with them effectively.  Today I’m going to share some pointers which will help you identify what the internal representation system of another person is. If your offer is […]

  • We All See The World Differently – Your Internal Representation System (Part 1)

    #TuesdayTips I’m naturally quite a visual person.  A few years ago I met with someone who was going to do a social media strategy for me.  She charges about $1200 a month and I’d heard wonderful things about her, so I thought it was all going to be really fantastic and I was ready to […]

  • Becoming Friends With Your Unconscious Mind Is Not That Hard

        #TuesdayTips   I’ve already talked about the power of your unconscious mind [Link to Post], and how it influences your behaviour, so today I’d like to take a closer look at how we can become  friends with our unconscious mind and use it to help us achieve our goals, rather than blocking them.   […]

  • The Meaning Of Your Communication Is The Response You Get

    #TuesdayTips Do you sometimes feel under-valued?  Do you sometimes feel that people would buy your product or service if they only realised what it could do for them?  Many people do.  I used to feel that way all the time (sometimes I still do, but I know the problem lies with me), and I frequently […]

  • Assumption is the Mother of Misunderstanding! – Always Ask and Listen

    #TuesdayTips You probably know that not everyone shares your opinions about things, but have you ever thought just how often you make assumptions that lead to misunderstanding? I’m convinced that most of our communication and relationship problems stem from the assumptions we carelessly make.  Once a friend from Portugal came to stay with me.  She […]

  • Resourceful Living: What’s Your Roadblock?

    #TuesdayTips I firmly believe that each of us have all the resources we need to make a success of both our business and our personal lives – it’s just that sometimes we get caught up in ways of thinking and behaving that mess us up over and over again.  I’ve seen it a lot in […]

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