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  • Stop Being Invisible!

    … Because it is Hurting Your Business Harry Potter found his invisibility cloak extremely useful… but you don’t want to wear yours. An invisible business is in big trouble. So is a forgettable business. So, how do you make yourself and your business memorable? The answer: You reach out and tweak the emotional response of […]

  • How to Improve Your Sales Closure Rate

    #TuesdayTips This is the final part of a detailed look at the 5-Step Sales Process.  So far we have looked at the importance of :- Building Rapport; [Link to #20] Asking Questions; [Link to #21] Establishing Need & Value-Add; [Link to #22] Proposing a Solution; [Link to #23] – and now we will look at […]

  • The Art of Asking Questions and Uncovering What You Need to Know

    #TuesdayTips This post is part of a series filling out details on the 5-step sales process [Link to #16] Building Rapport; [Link to #20] Asking Questions; [ Link to #21] Establishing Need & Value-Add; [Link to #22] Proposing a Solution; [Link to #23] Closing the Sale. [Link to #24] I’ve listed them sequentially, but of […]

  • Selling Solutions

    #TuesdayTips The other day I was saddened to hear a parent say to their Scout leader, “I don’t want my child involved in selling items to raise money.  My child is no sales person, he’s a good boy.” I was even more startled to hear the Scout leader respond, “It’s OK.  This year we aren’t […]

  • Do You Want to Make Your Life Easier and More Fun?

    #TuesdayTips We all have patterns of communication that are shaped by our experience, our upbringing, and our personality.  Sometimes we make excuses for ourselves: “That’s just the way I am.”  “It always comes out like that.”  “If people want to get upset, that’s their problem.”  Sometimes we worry about the number of broken relationships that […]

  • The 5 Step Sales Process That Works

    #TuesdayTips I was about 14 when I started selling Nutrimetics to my friends at school.  They were polite and sort of interested but I didn’t get many sales during lunch hour.  A couple of them thought their Mums might be interested and held parties at home – and that was when my business really took […]

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