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  • Stop Being Invisible!

    … Because it is Hurting Your Business Harry Potter found his invisibility cloak extremely useful… but you don’t want to wear yours. An invisible business is in big trouble. So is a forgettable business. So, how do you make yourself and your business memorable? The answer: You reach out and tweak the emotional response of […]

  • NLP Techniques/Winning Vocabulary: Building Rapport With Words

    #TuesdayTips Understanding how people think isn’t just a good sales technique, it also is a great relationship-building skill that helps in all areas of your life! I’ve already talked about how Internal Representation Systems (IRS) work and how identifying them can help you communicate better on many levels.  This post is focused on identifying the […]

  • Bob, The Photocopier Man – An Ultra-Kinaesthetic

    #TuesdayTips Maybe you never make a buying decision on the basis of your personal response to the sales person.  I’ve had people say that to me, “All my business decisions are purely logical – I don’t need any of that rapport stuff!” And the next words out of the mouth are, “No, there’s just something […]

  • The Art of Asking Questions and Uncovering What You Need to Know

    #TuesdayTips This post is part of a series filling out details on the 5-step sales process [Link to #16] Building Rapport; [Link to #20] Asking Questions; [ Link to #21] Establishing Need & Value-Add; [Link to #22] Proposing a Solution; [Link to #23] Closing the Sale. [Link to #24] I’ve listed them sequentially, but of […]

  • How to Easily Build Rapport With Just About Anyone

    #TuesdayTips Building rapport is a key skill that makes our relationships run more smoothly in every area of our lives so it’s worth investing some time in thinking about some key techniques that help us establish rapport as quickly and easily as possible. I’ve  written about the entire 5-Step Selling process in another post [Link […]

  • Selling Solutions

    #TuesdayTips The other day I was saddened to hear a parent say to their Scout leader, “I don’t want my child involved in selling items to raise money.  My child is no sales person, he’s a good boy.” I was even more startled to hear the Scout leader respond, “It’s OK.  This year we aren’t […]

  • Do You Want to Make Your Life Easier and More Fun?

    #TuesdayTips We all have patterns of communication that are shaped by our experience, our upbringing, and our personality.  Sometimes we make excuses for ourselves: “That’s just the way I am.”  “It always comes out like that.”  “If people want to get upset, that’s their problem.”  Sometimes we worry about the number of broken relationships that […]

  • The Meaning Of Your Communication Is The Response You Get

    #TuesdayTips Do you sometimes feel under-valued?  Do you sometimes feel that people would buy your product or service if they only realised what it could do for them?  Many people do.  I used to feel that way all the time (sometimes I still do, but I know the problem lies with me), and I frequently […]

  • Assumption is the Mother of Misunderstanding! – Always Ask and Listen

    #TuesdayTips You probably know that not everyone shares your opinions about things, but have you ever thought just how often you make assumptions that lead to misunderstanding? I’m convinced that most of our communication and relationship problems stem from the assumptions we carelessly make.  Once a friend from Portugal came to stay with me.  She […]

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